We are undoubtedly influenced by the moon and its cycles in a powerful way. Just as lunar cycles affect the tides of the Earth with their profound energy, so do they influence the water within our own physical bodies. The moon has always been associated with the inner world or shadow side. Our creativity, deep feelings and hidden desires, emotions and beliefs.


The new moon represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. It is symbolic of a second chance, a clean slate, the chance to be born again. Think about how the moon waxes until it has grown to its ripest point: a full moon and then the waning phase begins, getting smaller and smaller until it becomes a tiny slither and then disappears entirely – a birth that transforms into death and begins again. The lunar cycle is a continual reincarnation, and that is how we can see it symbolized in our own lives.


During the darkest time in the sky, the stars shine brightest! Each new moon is the start of another 28 day cycle giving us the opportunity to reflect on our experiences and decisions and take the time to let go, surrender to change and begin again together with the moon. It’s purifying energy is there to help us reflect. A new moon is always a good time to meditate, journal, set intentions and plan our next moves.


New Moon in Taurus 14 degrees

The next new moon is on Saturday May 4, 2019 at 14 degrees in Taurus. It is a wonderful time to summon your courage for a fresh start, begin a new project or turn over a new leaf.

This new moon has a very loving, grounded energy as it is in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign and the one that most signifies Gaia, or mother earth. This is an encouraging sign for soul growth and a perfect time to put into practice all the lessons you have been learning lately and cultivate a sense of being true to your own needs.

This new moon also highlights love, relationships and finances and brings the opportunity to hit the refresh button in these areas of your life.



Spend Time in Nature

It’s a good idea to carve out some quiet time to be in nature around the date of the new moon. Taurus is all about simple, stable, predictable rhythms and keeping things the same.  This earthy sign encourages a focus on connecting to the healing power of the earth. If you can, spend some time barefoot outside so that you can feel the sensation of your skin against the grass or the earth and just quietly feel that sacred connection between you and the planet.

As well as your personal desires, set an intention for the Earth as well. It’s so important to treat animals, trees and plants with reverence and respect. If you can, take this time to do something practical to help like picking up trash from the beach or joining an environmental group.


Take Confident Steps

Now is a fertile time to plant the seeds of your intentions to grow abundance. This Taurus New Moon offers solid support for acting on what you want and also reinforces the connections that support any longer-term desires, dreams and plans. Make sure that things are in alignment with what your highest self desires and then make your move. These dates around the new moon are all about moving forward with your dreams. Take that new course, apply for that job, start that new writing project! You will likely feel a fresh clarity around whatever you have been planning next and you should feel secure to move forward with practical steps. This is the right time to be bold and move forward with confidence, all the supportive energy you need is there.


Act on your Dreams

Taurus rules the throat, so speaking out and up for your personal truth is going to be important at this time. This new moon is especially good for creative, artistic and spiritual endeavours and gives you the inspiration, insight and courage to move towards your biggest hopes and dreams. You will feel a boost of fresh, positive motivation to follow on your instincts and will be feeling brave enough to trust in divine timing. Take a leap of faith.


The moon is a cosmic timer, perfect for manifesting!

You can use the moon as a powerful tool to help you manifest your desires. You do not need special astronomical training to set intentions in tune with the lunar cycles, all you need to do is know when they are and what each cycle means.  (link to the new moon meditation)

The powerful energy of this May 4 new moon last four weeks up to the June 3 New Moon, but the best time for setting your intentions is literally on the day of the new moon or up to 2 days afterwards. The best time to start putting your new projects and ideas into practice is during the first two weeks of the new moon cycle, right up until the May 18 Full Moon.

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