The Leo Full Moon on February 5th, 2023 arrives with a beautiful, heart-centered, confident and motivating energy for all of us.

Whenever we have a Full Moon, it’s always symbolic of what needs to be looked at in our lives.

Full Moons are like big spotlights that reveal and illuminate what’s hidden from view both literally and metaphorically.

This powerful force can show you where you still need to heal and make changes in your life.

Each Full Moon marks the climax of the monthly lunar cycle and with it, the culmination of all the energies that have been building up as the moon grows to fullness.

When you know how to work with the cycles of the moon, you enhance your chances of successfully manifesting!

The moon is like a cosmic tool that you can use to create the life of your dreams.

The Full Moon is always a perfect time to release the old, letting go of what no longer serves in order to create space for your desires to manifest.

It’s impossible to manifest new things in your life if you are clinging tightly to the old.

This particular Full Moon in Leo brings with it an energy that encourages us to step forward with bold confidence!

Leo is associated with the Lion in the zodiac – it’s a proud, extroverted fire sign linked to royalty, grace, glamor, and shining your light for all to see.

It’s also about inner strength, self-belief, and the power of simplicity.

So how can you channel this beautiful Leo energy towards manifesting the kind of life you dream of?

Here are some ideas of things to be aware of and practice during this Full Moon:

  • Make a list of your unique gifts and talents. Where are you stronger than you think you are? Leo energy is a time for stepping into your own power, not hiding in a corner or feeling anything less than spectacular!
  • Connect with what is truly meaningful for you. Practice morning journaling and discover your truest desires through intuitive writing exercises.
  • Practice loving yourself with gentle, daily rituals. Make yoga and meditation a part of your mornings and watch how balanced and calm you feel.
  • Show up for yourself with courage and strength. Decide to go into each day with courage and take a confident attitude towards every single thing you do.
  • Own your life and step into it with confidence. Stop holding yourself back and go into each moment with conviction of your ability to succeed at whatever you put your mind to.
  • Write a forgiveness list. Make a list of everybody that you wish to forgive, you can go as far back into your past as you wish. Write their names down and what they did and then burn it on the night of the full moon as you release the grudges and resentments that you no longer need. Holding onto toxic feelings only hurts you in the end.
  • Practice simplicity. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, bring it back to simplicity. Focus on simplifying every situation and finding the simple answer to anything complicated, and you will soon see how lighter you feel.
  • Feel your Truth. Take note of anything you may be doing that is not in alignment with your highest self and be as honest as you can about that. Noticing where we are not in alignment is the first step to change.
  • Release old habits. Burn away any desire you have to just fit in and be accepted. Truly showing up as yourself requires you to be brave and to step outside of the collective way of doing things.
  • Write a love letter to yourself. Vibrate on the high frequency of love by writing yourself a letter with all the positive things you love about who you are. Don’t hold back, this is for your eyes only! It will help you to feel worthy of the love you so deserve.
  • These practices are fundamental to a better life, not just now with the Leo Full Moon but any time.

    The power of the lunar cycle simply magnifies any inner work you do during this time, and as always the Universe rewards the action you take.

    Use this affirmation to help center you into the Leo energies and take action as detailed above.

    When I trust my instincts I know I will take inspired action.

    Enjoy these wonderful Leo Full Moon vibes!