On April 20th,

2024 we have an important and rare conjunction when the two planets,

Jupiter and Uranus come together.

This is something that happens every 14 years,

but this year they meet in the sign of Taurus,

something that has not happened since 1941. 

While the day itself of April 20th is the peak of this potent energy,

in fact the energy has been vibrating way in our cosmos since the end of last year, 2023.

It also continues to influence us into the month of May. 

When Jupiter and Uranus were last conjunct it was 2010

and in the signs of Pisces and Aries. 

If you want to think about the kinds of themes that were influencing your life back in May – October 2010,

it’s worth remembering what was going on then so that you can gain clarity

into the kinds of ways this energy might affect you this time around –

they may be similar. 

Jupiter is the planet of success, fortune, expansion and abundance.

It’s seen as a luck-filled planet, which helps to bring positivity to situations.

Jupiter also vibrates with a frequency of excitement,

and its energy can help us to broaden our horizons,

expand our thinking and feel positive about the future. 

Uranus is the planet of change, innovation, and awakening.

It rules technology, especially things like artificial intelligence,

and advancements that can bring us into brand new future. 

Uranus energy also helps us to feel independent and free,

it encourages us to think outside the box

and roots us in authenticity. 

What happens when these two meet? 


as the planet of expansion works to enhance

and amplify all the main qualities of Uranus.

That means we are going to feel hugely inspired to be truly authentic,

think differently from the norm and be courageous enough

to step outside the mainstream. 

It’s also likely that we might see some big advancements

in technology over the coming weeks and months,

boosted by this amplification of Uranus energy. 

Taurean Energy 

As these two giant planets meet in the sign of the Bull,

we’re also going to see Taurean themes highlighted during this conjunction. 

That’s generally things like money, themes of home, farming, and the earth.

As we mentioned before,

the energy from this transit affects us in an ongoing timeline,

so we can expect new innovations down the road

when it comes to farming and finances,

perhaps a merging of the two. 

So what does it mean for you? 

The energy that shines on us from Jupiter and Uranus

will encourage us to think about our individual perspectives towards success

and abundance. 

It’s likely that many of us are going to shift the way we think about our purpose in life.

Perhaps we will begin to step outside of whatever has kept us small

and break free from what society expects of us. 

There is strong rebel energy in this conjunction,

but in an empowered, super strong, maverick type way. 

If you have ever felt constrained or like you are going through the motions in your life

and you’ve never quite stepped into your true, authentic self,

this time is for you! 

Uranus is all about forging your own path

and not giving a damn what anyone has to say about it! 

Jupiter brings luck and positivity to any changes you make during this time

and in the months ahead. 

Like many big cosmic transitions,

this is an energy that influences us in the long-term. 

The Takeaway – See this time as the perfect launchpad for a new way of living,

one that reflects your true soul mission in life.

Step into a new way of being and be braves you do so.

Think authenticity and you cannot go wrong.