Are you feeling ready for new beginnings?

The cosmic skies have a glittering array of planetary energy in store as this month and indeed the year 2021 rolls to a close.

As we celebrate the Winter Solstice this 21st December 2021, the sun leaves the dynamic Sagittarius season behind and gets comfortable in the grounded, hardworking sign of Capricorn.

The Winter solstice is officially the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter (in the Northern Hemisphere).

In the Southern Hemisphere, this date marks the longest day and the first day of Summer.

Wherever in the world, you find yourself on this date, the Solstice is a time where the energy of the planet comes into alignment and powerful energy is released, perfect for self-reflection, regeneration, and rebirth.

In ancient times, the pagans and celts called the Winter Solstice ‘Yule’, and celebrated the energy of the Goddess (Moon).

They found deep spiritual significance in these seasonal transformations.

A central part of these Yule celebrations was the belief that the light would return and the sun be reborn.

The days following December 21st grow gradually lighter as the days lengthen and the nights shorten again.

The darkness is always overcome by the brighter light as we head back towards summertime.

This cycle of nature is mirrored in our journeys as souls here on earth. We, too, are given the opportunity to be reborn.

No matter how dark things get, the light always comes back again.

The Winter Solstice is a time to celebrate the hope of the returning light.

The restorative and healing energies of our beautiful planet offer us the chance to reflect on our lives and tune into the eternal cycles of nature.

It is the ideal time to practice a ritual that connects you spiritually to Mother Earth and the planetary energies present at this time.

Winter Solstice Ritual Ideas:

Write in your Journal: Reflect on the year gone by and free-write around the ways you wish to create new opportunities in the New Year, stepping into your true, authentic self in 2022.

Shadow Work: Recognizing where you still need healing in your life is an empowering way to spend this solstice.

Are there hidden parts of you that need to be drawn into the light? Where are you still accepting toxic behaviors in your life?

Journaling around these issues can help you illuminate what remains to be healed within your soul.

Remember, healing is a life-long process. The sooner you recognize where work needs to be done, the easier it is to make this part of your ongoing journey.

Cleanse your home: It’s a good time to purge and throw out the old, both physically and metaphorically. Clean your house and create space free from stagnant energies and old memories you wish to release.

Cleanse your soul: Practice meditation and energy clearing.

You can follow a guided meditation or simply picture a ball of white light above your head, showering down a cleansing, clearing light through your entire body, removing anything that no longer serves who you are today.

Candlelight Herb Bath: Fill a bath with warm water and surround the tub with candles (safely!).

Drop-in some detoxifying and cleansing herbs such as sandalwood, rosemary, lavender, sage, or cinnamon. These can be dried, in essential oil form, or even fresh if you have them.

Relax and feel yourself being purified and cleansed on the night of the solstice.

Feel any unwanted thoughts, negative beliefs, or fears being cleared from your physical and energetic body. After you finish your bath, say a small prayer to the Moon.

You can wish for a brighter future and for the strength to continue on your own path of healing and evolving into the best version of yourself.

Nature Walk: Go out into your closest natural surroundings, if you can – take a walk in the woods or by a lake, stream, river, or the ocean.

Feel the power of Mother Nature.

Sit somewhere quietly, so that you calm your mind, and simply allow yourself to be present wherever you are.

Notice the tiny miracles that are occurring all around you.

Now express deep gratitude for our planet, and feel how connected you are to its seasons, cycles, and energies.

Whatever ritual you decide to do during this time, remember to honor the divine nature of the Universe and feel how intrinsic you are to it.

You have a place right here in this world, and you matter.

Take this long Winter’s night to affirm to yourself just how much power you hold within you to create your life.

Remember how much magic and energy you have access to as a divine soul here on Earth.

Make a promise to yourself to evolve and grow as you move into 2022, and become the most vibrant, positive, proactive, and joyous version of yourself.