One of the biggest factors throughout all the planetary activity of 2021 is the active movement of Uranus. Uranus is the natural ruler of Aquarius, highlighting that theme of Aquarian energy we are seeing so much of starting this year and going forward for the next decade and beyond into the Age of Aquarius.

One of the key movements Uranus makes in 2021 is a 90-degree square or alignment with Saturn, also known as the Saturn-Uranus Square.

This alignment is fairly rare but in 2021 we see it occurring three times throughout the year!

The three alignments these two planets take place on:

  • February 17th
  • June 14th
  • December 24th
  • And much like a story with a beginning, middle and final act, these alignments will relay an energy, theme and meaning that may not make complete sense until the three are completed.

    It’s a big deal because the last time Uranus and Saturn were at this angle was in the year 2000, which highlights how this alignment does not happen very often and its potential to shape our future.

    Get ready to understand the themes of this most defining cosmic alignment in 2021.

    In short we are looking at disruption, change, and a big shake-up of the status quo on a global level.

    Let’s dive in and see what we might be expecting to see and how to channel and work with all this intense, powerful and somewhat disruptive, cosmic energy in 2021…

    Saturn Energy Wisdom: Saturn is always about authority figures, traditional structure and establishments, rules, limitations, boundaries, tradition and practicalities..

    Uranus Energy Wisdom: Uranus is progressive and creative, disruptive, seeks freedom, change and has a somewhat electrifying energy.

    How will this clashing energy manifest? When the two planets are square there will be tension between them, no doubt.

    You can imagine it a bit like a tug of war. Saturn will push the energy of wanting to contain, control and impose structure, while Uranus will want to buck the current and have the freedom and independence to go wherever it desires.

    In the Wider World

    The tension that arises from this square will be very interesting. We will see a clashing between the practical, structured known world and the innovative, wild-card energy of the new and unknown, the radical.

    This could manifest in our wider world as protests, rebellion, revolution, the breakdown of old structures and tradition or the pushing against control of freedom.

    We should expect the unexpected! Disclosure, awakening, shake-ups on a big level. Strikes, restrictions, possible financial disruption, limitations on our freedom of movement could well continue.

    As Uranus is in Taurus at this time, themes may also center around security, food systems, financial systems, and our voices.

    In Our Own Lives

    In our own lives, the cosmic energy produced by this square may have us wanting to break out of our own constraints, things that have been holding us back from freedom. We might want to change up our routines, think outside of the box and do things in a radically new way.

    One insight to bear in mind is that Saturn is the planet of Karma and Uranus is the planet of Awakening, the two of them together act as a kind of cosmic nudge to wake-up to our lives and the kind of experience we are having here.

    What kind of energy are you transmitting to the rest of the world?

    You may be filled with a powerful urge to finally rid yourself of old, outdated habits, behaviors and thought patterns that simply do not speak to who you really are anymore.

    What can you do to work with these energies?

    Be aware that this Saturn Uranus Square may have you feeling simultaneously burned out, frazzled and also energized at once. It’s a strange energy that comes up when we are making huge shifts, both in our personal realities and as a collective humanity.

    One of the biggest lessons we can take away from this alignment is that life is always more than what it seems.

    Saturn represents the known and Uranus the new and radical. You can balance yourself with the grounded energy of Saturn while reaching forward into the unknown with the creative and innovative energy of Uranus.

    This might look like finding balance between a routine and structure that works for you, while also tapping into a spontaneous, creative and playful energy that draws in new experiences and ways of seeing things.

    Creative Journal/ Meditation Prompts for this time:

  • If I purely focused on what COULD be, what would I focus on?
  • If I released all fear, I would…..
  • How can I open my mind to new ways of seeing and doing in my life?
  • How can I work around any restrictions or limitations and find freedom within them?
  • What patterns, habits, thoughts and behaviors do I need to let go of in my life?
  • Where can I integrate more creativity, spontaneity and fresh ideas into my routine?
  • What kind of energy do I want to transmit to the world?
  • Don’t be afraid by the intensity or power of these clashes. As with everything, change is a natural and an inevitable part of life. When things get churned up, what needs to be brought to a head will serve us. An overhaul is required when things get stale and no longer work for us.

    Uncover the True Process of Manifesting From Your Higher Self

    Sometimes a little chaotic disruption is necessary to bring about fresh hope, positive change and a new way of living and being.

    If you are feeling anxious during this time, meditate on the principles of hope and faith.
    Tune into the beautiful Aquarian energy of progress, compassion, equality, revolution and freedom. Stay in your heart center as much as possible through meditation.

    The power to change anything is within our hands. Every single moment of every single day you are alive is an opportunity to choose how you want to think and act.

    We all have the power to make new choices that forge new paths. In 2021 this has never been more true. We are building a new world, so reflect on how you want your life to look within it!