Do you ever find yourself back to square one?

It’s like you’re fine one day going on your merry way, then the next, poof! You’re not.

And no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get out of it or rise above it.

This is what Penelope felt.

She thought she had her life planned out as if everything’s going according to her plans.

* * * * *

“Yes, I’ll have the article ready by tomorrow,” Penelope replied casually.

She continued writing on her laptop as she worked on her piece about dressing up during the pandemic to feel better. This was her life.

As a feature writer in a local magazine, she loved everything about it. Writing has always been her passion.

Ever since she was young, her dream was to publish her very own book, but as she grew older, she found out that it was easier said than done.

Bills became her priority rather than pursuing her goals, and that was okay for her. She needed to be practical, after all.

But what happens when everything changed just because of one meeting.

“I don’t know how to react” Penelope’s face was filled with confusion.

Her boss looked her in the eye apologetically, “You’re not losing your job. We just have to cut your hours by half. You’ll be working 20hrs a week, and you’ll be compensated accordingly.”

“I’m sorry it has to be this way. We really took a hit during this pandemic. And since we value you all, this is the only way we can survive until the next quarter.”

Penelope had no choice. She understood what they were going through.

Everyone was affected, and she needed this job as well.

But in her mind, she started calculating her expenses already.

As soon as she had the time, she started listing down her expenses.

House mortgage, car loan, the daily cost of living, bills, and other financial commitments. What was she going to do?

She didn’t expect an answer, but still, she couldn’t help but ask this question over and over.

Penelope continued to work on her feature articles; she was currently working on coping with stress during the pandemic. She laughed.

“I need to apply what I’m writing to myself.” She giggled once more.

She found it incredibly funny that she was writing this type of article, and yet not even once did she apply them to herself.

The fact that her payday was near made her feel anxious.

Her pay wasn’t here yet, but in her mind, it was already spent. How silly.

Penelope wrote her book during the times she was finished with work. It seemed like a blessing in disguise because now she had more time to write.

Yes, she was still worried about her bills, but she was happy for now.

As the days passed, Penelope tried to think of other ways she could earn money. She has already applied to other magazines, but so far, no one has reached out.

She continued browsing online until she saw an article that mentioned that prosperity grids could help in manifesting abundance.

Penelope opened the link and immediately saw her colleague’s name on the byline. She was shocked.

Her colleague has a personal blog, and she couldn’t help but feel awe.

How she wished she had her friend’s courage and ability to manage time.

She read the article and found out that she could manifest the life of her dreams filled with abundance with the right crystals. Good thing there was a link on where to buy the crystals.

The moment Penelope clicked it, she was redirected to a page that said:

Put your energy into the divine and watch the magic transform your life.

What a beautiful quote, she thought.

Thinking that since no one has reached out to her yet, she’ll try this crystal ritual.

Penelope then continued to buy the Abundance Crystal set she found on the website.

She felt a bit relieved. Positive emotions filled her as she daydreamed about the life she wanted.

She was about to finish the ending of her book when the doorbell rang, and she knew it was her abundance set. Penelope had everything ready.

She already had a shape in mind, and her intentions were clear. She cleared her living room and laid the crystal on the carpet.

Penelope closed her eyes, tried to shut off the worries clouding her mind, and voiced her intentions out loud. And she was done.

When You Believe…

Weeks have passed since Penelope did her prosperity grid ritual, and yet nothing happened.

She already borrowed money from friends for her car loan and other expenses. She needed to get another job fast, or else she wouldn’t last another month.

Penelope believed that she did everything right with her grid, all according to the steps she read online. But why wasn’t it working?

She felt hopeless. How will she be able to pay back her debts if she didn’t have any extra income?


Her phone notification brought her back to reality and ended her negative train of thought.

Penelope checked her phone and saw that her colleague posted a new blog.

Having a hard time with your crystal grid? Click here.

She immediately clicked the link and read the article.

“How could this be here right now? No way!” Penelope couldn’t believe what was happening.

This is exactly what she was feeling right now, and she had the answers she needed right on her screen.

You have to surrender by letting go of your desired outcome. Sometimes, what we want for us is not what we need.

If you let go, then you will experience the very life you’ve been yearning for.

After reading, Penelope got to work.

She laid out each crystal in her desired shape and took time to meditate.

She closed her eyes and set her intention. She activated each crystal and breathed out a sigh.

“I am letting go of what I do not control.”

She immediately felt a different kind of energy, like the heaviness in her chest, was lifted.

Since she felt great, Penelope decided to send her book excerpt to some of the publishers she researched about.

That night, she felt that everything was right.

Magic Happens

The next day, she received word that one of the publishers would release her book and pay her upfront; she even insisted on a contract for her following books and gave her an advance.

Penelope was overcome with emotions. What was happening? This couldn’t be.

Of course, she took the offer because this was her dream and it was finally coming true!

As soon as she received the contract, she called Naomi to tell her story about the prosperity grid and thanked her repeatedly for guiding her.

Now, all her debts were paid, and she was never late with bills and expenses.

Penelope was debt-free and worry-free.

The Abundance and Success Crystal Set include Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Pink Crystal, and Clear Quartz.

The exact stones that can help a person manifest abundance.

This was the set that unlocked Penelope’s ultimate power in attracting all that she dreamed of in life.

1. Aventurine is the stone for wealth and abundance.

2. Tiger Eye is known for its ability to turn dreams into reality.

3. Amethyst is the stone for personal wealth and growing your business.

4. Pink Crystal is the magnet that you need to attract every opportunity needed for your growth.

5. Clear Quartz is the crystal used for tuning into your higher self.

All these crystals combined created the prosperity grid that helped Penelope achieve the wealth that she desired.

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  • Attract your every desire and goal
  • Provide you great success
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