You don’t have to wait for the New Year to give your home and workspace an energy overhaul, but it does provide the perfect opportunity for new beginnings.

Here’s a step by step routine I like to implement around this time of year to give my home workspace a good clearing and cleansing. It might sound simple, but I promise when you combine intention setting with decluttering and cleansing, it clears the way for powerful energy to manifest around you.

Everything is connected, and your workspace, in many ways, is a reflection of your mind. That doesn’t mean you have to throw out your belongings and become a total minimalist! BUT, do think about how space and energy can combine to create the right setting, positive vibes, and a calm sanctuary for you and your creativity to thrive.

If you don’t work from home as such, this can be any space in your home where you spend most of your time. It could be where you sit to dream, meditate, or plan your week ahead.

Take stock of the year gone by

As we begin 2021, it’s a great exercise to take a moment of stillness and think back on the lessons learned over 2020. What things have you learned about yourself? For many of us, 2020 was defined by a lot of unprecedented time at home.
What did you learn about your work habits or general routine during this time? Did you gain new insights, skills, and ways of doing things? Are there lessons that you can incorporate into this coming year that will serve you better? Where did you succeed where perhaps you thought you might fail?

Take notes and make a list of what habits you wish to keep and what habits you want to let go of.

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Set Your Intention

This intention is specifically related to your workspace and what you individually require from it to provide you. Ask yourself, what do you need from your space to support your ideas? What does your ideal space feel like to you? How does it provide you with a calm focus while also keeping you feeling energized and inspired?

Ask yourself what you need to get clear on and what might need to go from this area to facilitate that? You might want to move furniture around, add a bookshelf or completely change the way your desk looks.

Deep Clean your Work Desk / Creative Area

Before you make any major changes, start with a thorough cleaning. Really get into all those hard to access places that normally get ignored. Cleaning in this way can be a really therapeutic and meditative task, as you go about wiping things down and clearing away dust, you can think about and visualize yourself sitting at your new desk with fresh ideas and new energy.

Deep Clean your Desktop (tech)

Don’t ignore this side of the cleanse. It can feel so inspiring to finally upgrade your system, delete old files, emails, and downloads and create new files and a way of organizing your work that feels good and makes sense to your process. This can do wonders for how you feel every time you open your laptop or turn on your desktop. For me, just knowing that I am looking at a clear, well-organized desktop gives me motivation to get going on the day’s project!

Energy Clearing with Sound and Scent

Sound is a powerful way to clear the energy in a room, and you can do this in different ways, simply using your hands (clapping), or by ringing bells, wind chimes, Tibetan cymbals, or Tibetan Singing Bowls. You can even chant a mantra or sing in your space to bring in the kind of magical energy you want there and to clear away the stagnant and the old.
Certain aromatherapy essential oils can be very beneficial for your workplace. Think of scents such as Lavender, Peppermint, Citrus, and Rosemary to stimulate, energize, and bring out your concentration, inspiration, and focus. You can use candles, a rollerball, or a diffuser or make a spray with water to spray into the air around your desk periodically.

Add Crystals and Plants

I always keep a selection of crystals on my desk when I work. You can choose one that supports your current intention, or change them according to how you feel. I recommend a nice chunk of Hematite, Black Tourmaline, or Amazonite to help combat the EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) from your computer and cellphone. Rose quartz and Amethyst are two more favorites of mine to have on my desk for inspiration and soothing.

Plants in a room bring a certain fresh, natural, and grounding quality to the atmosphere. I like to have Spider Plants or Succulents and Cacti near my desk. A Money Tree is said to bring luck and abundance, so it’s a great choice for the workplace.

Now Add Music

I love creating new playlists; it’s almost become a procrastination technique! I use my downtime to relax by choosing new tracks and songs that I can play when I am dreaming up new ideas or whenever I want a little background sound to my workday. I recommend doing this to help bring in new energy to your space.

You can choose instrumental, uplifting music that helps you feel and stay inspired, motivated, and in sync with your goals. If you can’t actually work with music on, just play a couple of songs before you get started to get you in the mood.

Abundance Goals

Now that you have your work area set up and cleansed, it’s the perfect time to sit down and write your abundance goals out for the year.

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To keep things simple, I recommend doing one new thing each week towards manifesting abundance. Being proactive about getting your money in order and feeling in control of your budget and spending can truly empower you to attract more abundance and wealth into your life.

Visualize yourself sitting at your desk and working in an easy, effortless creative flow. See yourself enjoying what you do and imagine the abundance that naturally comes from this feeling.

Happy 2021 – Go forward with confidence and make your dreams a reality!