Angels are real, and they may be closer than you think.

Perhaps you’ve crossed paths with one without even realizing it.

These celestial beings can take on the appearance of ordinary humans.

Each one of us has a dedicated guardian angel, spreading love and radiating light to protect us on our life’s journey.

They work tirelessly to ensure our safety and happiness.

Their purpose? To guide us through life’s challenges, offering support and warnings when danger lurks.

They communicate with us through subtle hints, nudges, and gut feelings.

The choice to heed their messages is up to us.

How can you recognize the presence of angels?

And what does it mean for you if they’re by your side?

1. Discovering a White Feather

It’s not just your imagination.

White feathers are often seen as the “calling card” of angels and they can appear in some unexpected places, such as on a shelf or inside your purse where their presence cannot easily be explained away by mundane explanations like chance or coincidence.

When you find a white feather, it’s a sign from an angel and they are reminding you not to give up.

You are not alone and there is hope for you. 

2. Finding Coins 

I’m sure you’re familiar with wishing wells.

Yes, this is where you throw a coin as you make a wish. 

Coins that can be found in weird places might actually be a sign that you are surrounded by an angel or you’ve already met one.

When you find a coin, try to remember the last thing that made an impression on your mind and see if there’s any significance in this memory, even though it may seem random at first glance, this is no coincidence. 

3. Seeing Rainbows

The beautiful colors of a rainbow are often thought to be an Angelic sign.

Rainbows remind us that we will get through this storm and come out shining on the other side, with hope in our hearts for what lies ahead!

They are a symbol of encouragement and hope. It is a sign for you believe in yourself.

Don’t give up easily and keep going. 

So, if any of these happen, does this mean you have an angel in the room?

It can be but the more of these happen in a day, the surer you can be.

If you find a coin on the street, this may not mean something but if you see coins wherever you look, it’s an omen. 

But what does it mean if they’re near you?

This means they have a message to give you.

They are here for you because you’re about to encounter a massive blessing and they want to guide you on how to accept it.

Or they could be here to give you warning signs before you make a big decision. 

Whatever it is, we must learn to be thankful for their presence because they were sent here by the Divine. 

No, they can’t simply give the message to us outright but we can listen with an open heart and learn to be more careful in our decisions. 

Have you been sensing an angelic presence recently?

What have you been experiencing?