Think about getting out of bed in the middle of the night to get a glass of water.

You turn to the clock.

It is 2:22 AM now.

After shrugging, you quickly forget about it. You get a call in the early morning from a 222-prefixed number.

You say you’ll get back to it later even if you don’t know the number.

Driving to work, you leave your vehicle in a neighboring parking lot.

The space number is 222.

If you have attained spiritual enlightenment, you get the feeling that this is not a coincidence and that the universe is trying to tell you something.

These numerical sequences are known as angel numbers.

These are numbers that, if they keep coming up on a given day, are indications from the universe telling you what to do.

Some indicate that you are heading in the right direction, while others warn you that you are in danger and need to be alert.

It is the universe’s way of communicating with you.

The basic rule here is simple. If you see a number just once, then it likely doesn’t mean much.

If you see a number repeated again and again, then it is a sign from the universe.

And while it can be statistically possible, it’s almost impossible to see something like 333 several times throughout the day, at random.

The angel numbers are usually made of three repeating digits, with three exceptions.

What I’ll show you now are the main ones, as the study of angel sequences is far more complex and there are countless examples.

These are:

000, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

The “special” ones are 911, 11:11 (or 1111), or 12:12 (1212). What do they mean?

Well, each angel number has a definition of its own.

Let’s delve deeper into the topic and analyze the meaning and significance of each sequence, shall we?


Your energy in every moment impacts what you’re creating.

You should open your heart, elevate your vibration and focus on what you desire.

It is a basic reminder of the law of attraction and how you create what you focus upon.


You’re on the right track.

If you have doubts on the course of action you’re taking, then let 222 relieve you of that doubt.

It means that everything is working out.You should trust what you’re doing right now.

Everything will work out towards your best interest and the best interest of all involved.


Wake up and return to your higher spiritual self.

This can come in a moment of your life where you feel lost or where you’ve strayed away from your path.

Focus on your road and walk on it, in all four dimensions: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.


Your angels are with you.

You’re supported, loved and assisted on your path.

You are not alone, beings of infinite powers are assisting you to manifest a better, joyful reality.

It is a sign to ask for your angels for help, as angels can help you manifest what you ask.


You’ll receive this most likely when you are experiencing failure.

It is a sign that all will be well. You need to stay positive and things will change in your favor soon.

It can also mean you are in some kind of distress or danger and that you should pay more attention to your life.


You’re invited to wake up and see the bigger picture.

This is a level of spiritual enlightenment that few people achieve.

It is a call to introspection, as many other, but with the purpose of detaching yourself from whatever is bothering you.Focus on the bigger picture.


Step outside your comfort zone.

It’s a sign that all you want is out there but you may have to do things you’ve never done before.

If you feel stuck and afraid to take the next step, then 12:12 is a reassurance that this is exactly what you’re supposed to do.

Are these the only interpretation to the angel sequences?

No. I’ve read many schools of thought, although these are the ones that feel closer to the truth for me.

My approach is different.

When I see sequences showing up, again and again, I ask my intuition what it means.

Then the answer is served to me, and it’s usually very similar to the above, although, it can differ.

And while at the beginning it is fine to use these as a guide to interpret sequences, as you achieve more and more spiritual maturity, let your intuition guide you through.

What numbers have you been seeing?