During the period of time between the Full Moon and the New Moon, the moon slowly gets darker and darker until it returns to the New Moon phase.

The energy around the moon at this time is very reflective and introspective. It’s about slowing down and connecting back with your inner self. 

The current waning moon phase takes place after the Full Blue Moon on August 30th until the next New Moon on September 14th. 

This also coincides with the Virgo Season in our cosmos.

A time that is traditionally associated with coming back down to earth after the fire and heat of summer and Leo season.

A time linked to organization, release, setting things on track, and tending to your physical environment.

It’s a period to take care of yourself better and take stock of where you are before going forward into the next cycle. 

This Waning Moon Ritual is all about release, creating space, and carving our new daily habits that align perfectly with these Virgo energies. 

Waning Moon Ritual for De-cluttering and Inviting New Energy 

What you need before you begin: 

  • Bin bags
  • Cleaning equipment (cloths, natural detergent) 
  • Sage or palo santo 
  • Discipline and willpower!

The Waning Moon is the perfect time to clear away the old and make space for the fresh and new.

Using this time to remove clutter from your home will bring the easy flow of new energy to your house, as well as bring clarity to your mind. 

Walking into a freshly cleared space is so inviting and will make you feel motivated and ready to plan and create your desires. 

Remember, it is challenging to let go of clutter in your mind if your living environment is cluttered. 

Steps to take: 

  1. Walk around your space, go into each room where you would like to clear clutter, and stand there. Close your eyes, breathe deep, and imagine the space how you desire it to be. Visualize a clean room, where the energy flows freely and there is no more clutter. 
  1. Take your trash bags and divide them into throw-out and donation/ recycle.
  1. If it’s hard for you to throw things out, try considering the last time you used an item of clothing or whatever the object may be. Consider if you really enjoy its presence in your life. Try to be honest about this. 
  1. Once you have tidied and thrown out clutter, clean each room. You can follow a list of tasks or simply go about this intuitively. 
  1. Finally, open the windows and burn your palo santo or sage to cleanse the atmosphere. Have the intention to release all stagnant energy that may have built up since the last lunar cycle. 
  1. Set an intention for all that you wish to invite into your newly clear space. You can write this down or repeat it out loud – whatever it takes for you to firmly release that intention to the Universe. 

This is such a wonderful ritual to repeat each Waning Moon cycle.

It really helps you to get into the groove of aligning your self-care routine with the Lunar cycles. 

Always remember that things happen in divine timing.

One of the best lessons you can learn about manifesting is to surrender your wishes.

When you take proactive steps such as clearing your space for the new, you are magnetizing what you want to arrive in its place.

But let the timing of things go and trust that all will work out for you perfectly.