And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have all been waiting for – the answer to everything, how do you actually use the Law of Attraction to manifest so that you truly are “living your best life”?

There are many shortcuts and tricks, vision boards, meditations, and crystals out there, and yes they all help, they all have a place in your life for working with the Law of Attraction, without a doubt!

But the bottom line is you have to become an authentic vibrational match to the life you desire.

Your alignment is everything.

It’s not enough to wish for things and make lists, you have to actually become what it is you want. It’s not about longing for a change or wanting all these things you don’t have.

It’s about aligning with your true self and attracting the life you desire by being it right now, already, before it’s manifested.

How do you manifest the life you want?

Be the Life that You Want

Now you’re wondering, ok fine but how do I become a beautiful house by the ocean? How do I align with a million dollars when I have debt?

So let’s explore what that really means.

We live in a vibrational universe, where like attracts like.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever vibrational frequency you give out, you get it mirrored back to you by the Universe.

Manifest Your Best Life NOW!

You can practice this law and attract small things into your life really easily, but you cannot use it to create your best life, the life of your highest calling without aligning with your true spirit, or soul.

That means that you have to get really raw and authentic with who you are, why you want things, and understand exactly how to operate from the essence of who you are.

In our above example about the beautiful house by the ocean, you have to think about why you really want that house.

Yes, you want to live in a wonderful place, but what’s behind that desire? A yearning for freedom? A desire to live a calm life?

Those things are available for you to embody right now. If you want freedom, be free, act free. Do things that align you with that feeling of freedom.

If you want a beautiful place where you can entertain your friends, create that wherever you live right now.

If you’ve dreamed of a tranquil garden where you grow your own produce, create that now. Even if it’s a tiny container of herbs on your balcony.

The point is that you get out of the habit of yearning for the unreachable and you start living an aligned life, right now.

When you do that, you line up with your desires through your emotional vibration.

Get into Your Soul Flow

The secret of manifesting your best life is about understanding who you really are.

When you approach your life from the true place of your inner spirit, your soul, or higher consciousness you understand that you have the power to create everything you desire.

Knowing your true essence and becoming authentic puts you in the flow of life and connects you to everything you desire.

I learned this myself through writing. When I was embarking on my spiritual journey and writing my books, I was still very caught up in the desires of my ego, wanting some kind of recognition, fame, and public admiration or approval.

A lot of what I was writing, I was doing for this validation from others.

My desire for abundance was very tangled up with this. There’s nothing wrong with wanting recognition for what you do, but it can’t be the sole reason you do something.

When I realized that I needed to enjoy my work simply for the pleasure it brought me at the moment, everything changed.

I started to look forward to my writing process and was far more likely to get absorbed in the creative flow, simply by forgetting about the outcome and enjoying the present moment of it.

You can apply this to everything you desire.

When you connect to this sense of yourself it’s so much easier to see how effortlessly things can flow to you.