With a full moon 🌕 in Leo ♌️ this month, it is a wonderful time to focus on the heart chakra. We are so much more than physical flesh and bone.

We are spirits, having an earthly experience.

We have seven main chakras or energy meridians in the body, and our heart chakra, located in the chest, is our point of stability and soul intuition.

Our heart chakra acts like a link, a bridge 🌉 between our souls and physical human forms. Our heart chakra is what leads us towards security, groundedness, and love. It is the seat of our connection to the wisdom of the Universe. It is the power from which our souls experience a human experience.

Our Heart chakra rules the chest, lungs, breasts, and circulatory system. It is also closely linked to our relationships, our ability to give and receive love and compassion, self-love, altruism, generosity and a sense of just how interconnected we all are in this universe.

A healthy, open and clear heart chakra has the potential to fill us with vitality and life force energy.

When we have questions about our life, our direction and soul – it’s our heart chakra that gives us the answers. Our heart centers are where we can discover the truth of what our soul desires and match that with our human wants and needs.

The heart chakra is represented by a symbol, a six-pointed star made of two triangles. 🔺🔻

A Simple Ritual To Open, Clean, & Unblock the Heart Chakra

One triangle points upwards and the other points down. The upward triangle represents our need to rise up and become conscious as we elevate our lives with positive energy. Every single one of us on this journey of life has a different lesson. As individual souls, we each know where we need to rise up and improve our lives.

The downward triangle is a representation of the Universal source flowing into us. It’s symbolic of our need to ground in this lifetime and be human. To balance that beautiful relationship between soul and the human form.

When our heart chakras are open and in alignment, we are confident, loving, full of deep and profound purpose and inspiration. Others can feel our love and sense of peace around us.

However, if we have lost hope if we are grieving or sad when we are disappointed, disheartened and jaded, it could be because the heart chakra is blocked or closed down.

Most people have experienced a form of heartache 💔 in relationships. It’s these experiences of betrayal, pain, and loss that cause our hearts to build up a form of protection. That is partly a natural reaction to pain and is normal, however, if left unchecked and not dealt with sensitively, a heart can remain blocked and prevent us from giving and receiving the wonder and beauty of love in this lifetime.

Think of the heart chakra as a beacon of light, a form of energy that is love. When that loving energy no longer flows freely, you may feel it physically, emotionally or mentally on different levels.

  • No purpose.
  • Blaming and judging self and others.
  • Anger toward others.
  • Fed up with life and bitter.
  • Codependency or overly independent.
  • Difficult relationships.
  • Lonely, isolated or detached from others.
  • Control and trust issues.
  • Being very sensitive, moody or irritable.
  • Having any kind of physical heart, lung or chest issues.
  • Disconnected emotionally from yourself and others.
  • A feeling of being apart checked out of real life.

The best way to go about healing the heart chakra is to create more love and allow it to flow through your life effortlessly. Beating yourself up or feeling self-critical or angry is counterproductive.

Healing always starts with the self and then can extend to others. So self-love, compassion and gentle kindness is the best place to begin healing your heart chakra.

Love really does make the world go around. 🌍

Most of the world’s religions and spiritual traditions know in some way that love is what unites us all. It is the energy of love that binds us together. Without it, we cannot thrive as individuals or as a society. Opening up to love means connecting with our soul essence, our true and most profound self.

The following ritual will help you to connect to and clear your heart chakra.

A Simple Ritual To Open, Clean, & Unblock the Heart Chakra

1. Sit quietly by yourself where you can be comfortable. If it’s possible for you to be outside in nature, near a source of water or in a garden that is extra wonderful, as the vibration of the natural world is like a tonic to the system.

Take some deep breaths as you settle into your comfortable seat. Allow your breathing to become slow and relaxed as you take your hand and place it in the center of your chest. Rest it there as you breathe and feel your heart beating beneath your palm. You can also just hover your hand above your heart if you prefer.

2. Make circular motions with your hand over your heart. You will be moving anti-clockwise, circling your hand towards your right, around and around. Do this for as long as you feel it is necessary for you as an individual. This circular motion is symbolic of you cleansing and releasing any blocks in your heart chakra.

As you do this, picture your heart chakra as a beautiful glowing green light. See it growing brighter as you complete this self-cleanse. Observe and be conscious of whatever feelings arise for you.

3. Now you are going to move your hand in circles in the opposite direction. This time you are opening your heart chakra further, now that it has been cleansed. In your mind, see your heart as bright and glowing more and more as your circle your hand over it. You can picture it like a flower opening its petals.

Do this for as long as it feels adequate for you. It could be 100 times or more, it could be less. You can also repeat this ritual every day if you like until you feel your heart chakra is open and clear.

This exercise may seem simple enough, but it is intense. Be sure to slow down if you feel overwhelmed or emotional. Take it at your own pace, you are a unique person with your own heart chakra, and what might work for one person does not mean it will for you.

The point of this exercise is to get calm and tap into your own blocks within. Use your intuition and let it guide you.

You can go to an energy healer if that interests you, but the wonderful truth is we each have the power to heal our own selves. In other words, you hold the power to your happiness. You hold the power to how much love you allow yourself and others.

To complete the ritual you can also repeat the following affirmations or write them down if you prefer. You can make up your own affirmations, whatever resonates with your energy is what will work best for you. Keep them positive and love-oriented.

I am open to love.
I deeply and completely love myself.
I accept myself.
I accept things as they are.
I am at peace.
I am open to love, compassion, and kindness.
I bring and receive love equally.
I am connected to my fellow human beings.
I feel connected in love to the entire world.
I know I am wanted and loved.