Get ready for a Blue Moon at the end of August! 

On August 30th, we are blessed by a Super Full Moon in Pisces.

This will also be a Blue Moon, which has not to do with the color of the moon, but rather what we call the second Full Moon of the month, something that is extremely rare and only happens once every two to three years. 

Whenever a cosmic event like this is rare, it’s something to pay attention to!

At the time of every Full Moon, the energy is always about release and surrender, and this is even more true at the time of a Blue Moon. 

Having two Full Moons in one calendar month means extra powerful energy is turned up around the themes of release and surrender. 

It’s highly likely something may leave your life for good, maybe a job, a relationship, or a business partnership.

Perhaps old habits, or emotional wounds that you have been clinging to for far too long. 

Whatever comes up in your life to be released is going to leave you feeling renewed.

While change like this can feel strange and even ungrounding, it’s worth remembering that anything that leaves your life is always making space for something exciting and new. 

This Full Moon falls in Pisces, a water sign ruled by Neptune. Pisces is linked to our intuition, dreams, and psychic abilities. 

Pisces Moon energy is the best time for cleansing your energy and auric field. 

It carries deeply healing magic energy that will help you to release anything that feels heavy and stagnant. 

This could be psychic garbage that you pick up from others around you in the world or anything you are aware of that you want to let go of emotionally or even physically. 

When it comes to cleansing your energy field, you just need to have a solid and clear intention.

Water is a particularly powerful way to harness all this lunar energy, as Pisces is a water sign. 

Try this cleansing ritual on or around the time of this Full Moon on August 30th. 

A Sacred Goddess Cleansing Bath 

Create a beautiful bathing experience for yourself by choosing from the following: 

  • Rose petals/ Essential oil – For self-love and aura strengthening. 
  • Magnesium Salts – For release and detoxification. 
  • Lavender Essential Oil – For calm and restored energy. 
  • Citrus Essential Oils – To energize and bring joy.

You can select whatever feels right for you on an intuitive level. 

Simply place your flowers, oils, or herbs into your bath with warm water. 

You can set an intention for cleansing and releasing any emotions or feelings of psychic heaviness from your auric field. 

As you relax in your bath, you can visualize yourself being renewed, recharged, and healed as you cleanse yourself. 

No bathtub?

No problem.

Simply use a bowl with water and wash your hands and face in it, or pour it over yourself in the shower. 

The Takeaway: Full Moon in Pisces

This is a rare chance to connect with your intuition and release anything that has been standing in your way energetically. 

Rituals such as the Goddess Cleansing Bath resonate with the watery nature of Pisces and this Blue Moon and help you to reflect, heal, and tap into the transformative energy on offer for your growth and evolution.