The New Moon is a time for setting intentions and creating new projects, habits, and energies.

This New Moon in Libra in October is also a Solar Eclipse. During the eclipse, the sun will be partially blocked, and only a ring of light will be visible, (that’s why some are calling this a ring of fire eclipse.) 

It’s a powerful cosmic time full of magical opportunities. Eclipses will often help us to feel more connected to the energies around us. They also signify a time when the veil between worlds is thinner. 

This particular event is the first Libra eclipse since 2016. It will turbocharge the next six months in terms of reviving and upgrading relatably and causing timelines to shift, speed up, and transform. 

We created the following high vibrational sacred bath ritual for you to perform around this New Moon Solar Eclipse in order to invite healing and focus your energy on what you want to manifest during this time. 

Water has been used for centuries in different cultures to promote healing and cleansing and in relation to mystical, spiritual rituals. 

There is incredible physical and energetic healing that can come from soaking in salt-enriched, herb-infused baths. 

Water conducts vibration.

Whatever intention you infuse into your sacred bath will take on form for your healing. It’s a super powerful way to boost the energy around what you want to manifest and embody that frequency. 

A Sacred Cleansing Bath Ritual 

What you will need to prepare the bath: 

Epsom Salts 1- 2 cups 

10-12 drops of essential oil of choice 

(Rose, Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Chamomile, Lavender). 

1 Cleansed crystal of choice – cleanse by leaving in sunlight or moonlight, or soaking in salt water overnight. 

(Choose from Citrine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone, Clear Quartz). 

If you can add Rose Petals and herbs such as Lemon Balm, Chamomile, or Red Raspberry Leaf. 

Begin by preparing your bathroom for the bath, clear it of clutter, and create a peaceful, tranquil state. You can light some candles (use non-toxic, pure candles). 


Whatever you are currently working on or aiming to manifest in your life. The big dream you currently hold. 

Write this down in your journal like this: Date —– New Moon Sacred Ritual Bath.


When your bath is ready, state your intention out loud three times (or in your head).

Make sure that your intention is said using positive, present-tense language, such as

I am attracting the love that I desire in the form of a new relationship. 

Now, relax in your Sacred Bath and focus your energy on feeling love, gratitude, and positivity for all that you have in your life. 

This particular eclipse is very powerful in terms of assisting us to stand in our power and light.

While eclipses are chaotic and can bring challenges, this Libra-infused Eclipse will also have a peaceful and harmonic side. 

The energy is always there to guide you to a higher state of consciousness and awareness.