A New Moon is always a chance to begin again — it’s the start of the new lunar cycle, a phase that brings new beginnings and creativity.

A time where the cosmic energy invites us to go within, retreat, reflect, and consider what we desire for our lives and how we plan to go about making it happen.

Manifesting during the New Moon is always a good idea!

Manifesting is something you can do at any time, but when you specifically time your deep intention setting with the lunar cycle, you tap into strong energies that serve to heighten and empower your manifestations.

The days before and after the New Moon are the perfect time to review your visions, plan concrete steps towards your goals, and make sure you are following through with visualization and aligned action.

This New Moon is in the earthy sign of Virgo and guides us to be grounded, to root ourselves into the present moment, and draw upon our inner strength and courage.

The New Moon means we experience darkness in the sky for that one night.

This symbolizes two things: A blank slate — the potential for you to begin again and direct your life however you desire.

It also symbolizes the uncertainty of not knowing the future. It’s a nudge to check in with your inner knowing and connect to your heart space and higher self for guidance.

I like to think of a moonless night as a night when I get the chance to dream, to create, and to take my power back and decide exactly what I want to see happening in my life in the coming weeks and months.

We each have the opportunity to change the paths we are on if we so desire.

This New Moon serves as that reminder. Planting seeds of intention now for the future you wish to see is super powerful.

I urge you all to carve out time for the following Manifestation Ritual on the days surrounding this New Moon in Virgo.

New Moon Manifestation Ritual

You will need:

  • Paper and Pen
  • Candles / Sage Crystals (Optional)
  • Light a candle if you wish and surround yourself with your favorite crystals.

    You can sage or smudge your surroundings, cleanse yourself or do whatever feels right to you so that you feel centered and grounded.

    Divide your paper into three equal sections vertically.

  • Section 1: What I desire.
  • Section 2: What I imagine and feel.
  • Section 3: What action do I take.
  • In Section 1 — Write down one thing you desire. I recommend that you keep to one desire for now and you can repeat the process for further desires.

    I also recommend that you choose something that you like to manifest in the next few months.

    Don’t limit yourself, but don’t just write down ‘ten million dollars’ without giving some thought to why you want that money and what it signifies for you.

    Write down what this desire will bring to your life and why you want it. For example, more freedom, more time, better health, improved relationships.

    In Section 2 — Write down present-tense sentences that describe how it feels for you to have this desire manifesting in your life.

    So you could write, I am living in my dream house. I feel so happy to be here.

    Or, I am arriving at the 5-star hotel, the sun is shining and I feel grateful. Or, I am meeting my new lover for dinner and I feel so excited.

    Write down as many feelings and images as you like that cement you into that desire as though it were happening right now.

    In Section 3 — Write down something you can do every single day towards making that desire a reality.

    The Universe is going to deliver your manifestations, but you also need to be proactive and allow positive energy to flow towards your desires.

    They are YOURS after all. You need to infuse them with your energy frequency and co-create them with the Universe.

    Maybe you tend to a vision board every single day, adding new items or browsing furniture you would love to see in your dream house.

    Or perhaps you work on growing your business, or you take a new course or join some kind of community where like-minded people are working towards the same goals.

    This is going to look different for all of you! It’s about what fits with your desires and intentions.

    If you would like to repeat the process for each new desire, that’s wonderful!

    I recommend no more than 3-5 at first so that you can actually keep track of them and make sure you’re able to dedicate time each day towards making them happen.

    Now that you have all of this written down, you are going to say a little prayer to the New Moon energies.

    Repeat the following:

    With this New Moon, I begin again.
    I am renewed with purpose, passion, & commitment to my dreams.
    I am grateful for all that has led me to this moment.
    I am open to the unfolding path before me.
    I am ready to receive.
    I am grounded and rooted in my truth.
    Thank you.

    Remember, you can do this during any of the days surrounding the New Moon, it’s a great way to cement your desires and gain clarity on your intention setting.

    New Moon Blessings!