Our next New Moon is going to be on June 6th landing in the sign of Gemini.

And guess what?

It’s a powerful New Moon stirring up all things to do with Love! 

This is the perfect New Moon to focus on intention-setting to attract your soul mate,

or if you’re already hitched, then it can work to steer you in the right direction in your relationship,

or help you make the decision to stay or go. 

Whatever your romantic situation, this Gemini New Moon will bring a brand new perspective

and a cosmic environment to support your love life moving forward. 

The Law of Attraction tells us that everything is energy. 

Love is a vibration and an energy. 

It’s helpful to think of love as an energy in this way

because when you realize that it’s an energy that you can create yourself,

you will see how easy it is to manifest a soulmate relationship! 

To get ready for the ritual, you need to do a little “homework.”

This is really just a way of getting you into the right frame of mind

and on the right energetic frequency to attract love. 

Here’s what you should do:

On a sheet of paper or in your journal,

write down all of the characteristics you would like to attract in your soul mate. 

(If you’re doing this to improve a current relationship,

list the qualities you wish your partner had more of,

or the feelings you would like to highlight/ attract more of in your relationship). 

Make sure that your list of qualities resonates on a deep level

and is in integrity with your values and morals in life. 

For example, do you want to attract a man who would be a good father?

Or a woman who loves to travel?

Leave nothing out! 

Okay, once you are very clear on the kind of person you want to attract,

let’s get going on the details of the ritual. 

New Moon Jar Ritual

Perform this ritual on or within three days either side of the New Moon. 


  • A Rose Quartz 
  • A glass jar 
  • Paper and pen 

1. Write down your manifestation goal on the piece of paper.

(If you want to manifest your soulmate, write that.

If you wish to improve an existing relationship, write that down.

Or if you want the answer to a relationship issue,

write down that you desire to manifest the answer.)

2. Place your piece of paper inside the jar

along with your Rose Quartz crystal (and any other items that you feel represent your desire).

3. Now seal the jar

by fastening the lid. 

4. Leave the jar outside

under the New Moon so that it can absorb the energy of new beginnings! 

5. After the New Moon

phase has changed,

bring it inside and place it somewhere meaningful to you in your home

where you will be often reminded of your intention.


6. Try to act as if your soul mate

(or whatever your intention was) is already here every single day. 

When you act as if love is already here, you tap into the frequency of it like it’s in the present,

and then it has to show up!

That is the Law of Attraction. 

Ask yourself how you would feel if you were already in the soulmate relationship of your dreams.

How would you approach each day? 

How would it feel to wake up each morning and feel happy and in love? 

7. It can help to incorporate some daily love affirmations into your routine.

Try some of these: 

I am someone’s perfect match. 

I am worthy of love.

I am beautiful. 

I am confident.

I am connected, calm, and confident. 

I am a magnet for my dreams and desires. 

I am open and receptive to a loving relationship

I am deeply loved and adored

When you embody that feeling emotionally,

you will vibrate at that frequency of love. 

8. Surrender your desires.

For manifestation to be a success, you have to release all doubt, fear,

and disbelief that your desire will manifest.

You must practice having 100% faith in your power to manifest.

Things unfold naturally and in divine timing.