The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th at 23 degrees marks a huge shift in momentum, the beginning of a new cycle – The Capricorn New Moon cycle ends, and the Aquarius New Moon cycle begins. Capricorn is associated with all things to do with the old world, and old structures, and Aquarius is all about the new world and forward-thinking energy.

This New Moon in Aquarius is particularly important because by the time we reach February 11th, 2021, we will be seeing eight planets in fixed signs and six planets in Aquarius, among them are Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. What this means is that the New Moon is really going to show us what this new Aquarian energy is all about!

The Aquarius Stellium

A massive gathering of planets and cosmic bodies in one sign is known as a stellium, and this particular gathering in Aquarius has not happened since February 1962.

Think back to that time – you may have even been there, you may have just heard about it, but 1962 was the last time we had a huge planetary gathering to this effect in Aquarius, and it was really a triggering moment for the hippy era, a time of peace and love.

There was a huge gathering of energy from people striving for equality, community, and living in balance in communes. It was also a time of great social protest, ban-the-bomb, and anti-war protests. There was a lot of pushback against the mainstream narrative (again, we see the themes of the new versus the old).

People took to the streets to campaign about civil rights, women’s rights, black rights, gay rights, and there were many vocal demands for equality. It was also a great time for music, especially protest songs, (think Bob Dylan!), JFK was president, and in 1962 gave his first presidential message dedicated entirely to social welfare.

So what does this tell us? That this Aquarian energy is visibly about a more equitable society and in 1962, we can see just how it was manifesting in the world.

Where are you Directing your Energy?

Stelliums always indicate a supercharged concentration of energy as this meeting of planets merges together. This Aquarius stellium is going to focus our energy and accelerate it, so it’s important to decide where in your life you would like to make greater progress and direct that Aquarius stellium energy towards it. That energy reaches its peak with the New Moon on the 11th.

We may see a lot more energy around Aquarian themes such as independence, technological invention, progress, freedom, human rights, civil rights, disclosure, awakening, big shifts in consciousness, greater humanitarian efforts, and important changes to our societal structures.

Whatever manifests during this time will pave the way as we move further into the Age of Aquarius.

Plant your Seeds of Intention

As with every New Moon, this is a time of new beginnings and setting intentions. Whatever seeds you plant now will be of utmost importance to your future.
Use this time to look to the future with new, hopeful eyes and focus on how you can make progressive changes in your own life.
If you are not sure where you direct your focus around this New Moon….

Ask yourself the Following Questions

Brainstorm around these Prompts:

  • How can I apply “outside of the box” thinking to the recurring problems in my life?
  • If I could shake up one area of my life, what would it be?
  • How can I extend support and compassion to those in my immediate circle and even beyond?
  • How can I let go of the past and move forward with a new vision?
  • How might I re-think and update the way I communicate in terms of technology? (e.g., are there new ways to network socially or reach out to people in the community that could benefit you?)
  • How can I break away from any destructive behaviors that hold me back? How can I refresh and revitalize myself through new experiences?
  • Simple Steps to Help Up your Energy Frequency

  • Connect or reconnect with friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Re-commit or commit to a mindfulness and meditation practice
  • Connect with your creative side regularly – paint, dance, sing, write.
  • Above all, during this time, rest and recharge your own batteries. If things in the outside world feel dualistic and antagonistic, remember to stay out of that energy. Of course, you should always stand your ground and be firm in your beliefs, but try not to allow your energy vibration to be lowered by other people’s negativity.

    Make an effort not to be dragged down by low vibrations wherever they come from. Now is a time to stay in a high-frequency vibration as much as possible, and if that means disconnecting from people or situations that bring you down, so be it.

    This potent Aquarius energy is all about hope, positivity, and looking towards a brand new, shiny future. So align yourself with that energy and do all you can to nurture the things that enhance your life with positivity and progressive thinking.