On January 25th we have a vibrant Full Moon in Leo bringing us some intense and beautiful energy.

If you have been feeling a bit down so far this January, wait for this Full Moon to pull you into a lighter and more upbeat frame of mind. 

There is a lot of powerful inspiration and creative energy around this upcoming Full Moon, so make sure you are in the right energy space to take advantage of it.

The Leo Moon vibrates with the energy of self expression and creativity, as well as a boost to your sense of self. 

There are two big themes highlighted with this Full moon: 

1 The importance of grounding and centering yourself. 

2. The importance of letting go and releasing the old. 

The following ritual can be performed on or around this Full Moon. 

Ground yourself:

 Go to a quiet, peaceful and comfortable space in your home or outside.

Take some time to breathe deeply and connect that inner sense of stillness that is always there within.

If you are so inclined, you can set up an altar with any candles, feathers, crystals, or special objects that are meaningful to you.

Shield Yourself: 

Visualize yourself inside an impenetrable column or shield of light.

Choose the color you imagine it to be yourself.

What is important is that you imagine the bright, glowing and luminous light expanding outwards so that it fully embraces and encompasses your aura. 

Repeat to yourself in your mind or in your head: 

“I am protected by this luminous column or shield of light. I am grounded and protected.”


Write down the things that you would like to release from your life this month.

What has been holding you back. What have you moved on from, or where do you need to create space so that you can move on?

Get very honest with yourself and be clear about what you no longer need.  

This can include anything from outgrown friendships, relationships, physical items, or even a belief or opinion you have changed, or a habit that you would like to remove. 


As you read over the list that you have written, try to really feel the emotions that come up as you consider these things being released. 

Visualize yourself letting go and feel the weight of what you wish to release disappearing from your life.

Allow it to be gone, setting yourself free. 

Heal and Nourish: 

Take some time to nourish yourself with a self-care routine, such as a lovely relaxing bath with salts and essential oils, play some inspiring music, or read a book that uplifts you.

Make sure you end the ritual by doing something to balance and energize yourself as we move into the new cycle symbolized by this Full Moon.