Are you an earth angel?

Earth angels are spiritual beings that have evolved and are born into physical form. They’re here for a purpose — to serve earth and humanity, guide souls in awakening, and anchor the timeline of light 🔆, love 💖, and peace ☮️.

To come into the physical realm, these angels had to lower their vibrations. Still, they have a strong connection to their Angelic counterparts.

Earth angels are also referred to as lightworkers. And it’s possible that you are one… or probably have come into contact with one.

They are old souls. They come here with the familiarity with what’s around them and they know that they’re here to restore and renew the planet.

The bottom line is: earth angels are here in on earth to spread light and help bring positive changes.

Do you feel like you’re an earth angel? Here are some of the signs that you should watch out for:

1) You Enjoy Solitude 💆🏻‍♀️

Earth angels love spending time alone to recharge their energies. It’s because they are easily overwhelmed with the fast-paced lifestyle today that they need to recuperate, take a break, and breathe for a while.

The time spent alone is used to heal and ready themselves for the next time they come out and deal with the world.

When alone, earth angels have the tendency to go introspective to heal parts of themselves that have been broken. They understand that to be able to change the world, it should start with them first. Thus, they always work to become better versions of themselves.

2) You are Highly Sensitive to Negativity 🙅🏻‍♀️

Earth angels are highly sensitive to negativities. When they feel or see negativity, they’re quick to retreat to protect themselves.

As mentioned, earth angels come here on earth to save it. And that’s not easy.

The world is filled with so many things that earth angels have to work harder to make a difference. Most of the time, they’re easily frustrated.

3) You are Very Empathetic 😌

If you feel strong empathy towards people and you always want to help them out, then you might be an earth angel. Earth angels would do anything to help people in need. It’s as if they’ve gone through exactly what the person is going through.

They’re highly-empathetic in nature. When you encounter an earth angel, you’ll feel their genuine care for you. Earth angels don’t want to see anyone hurting and they will do everything in their power to help you out.

You’ll also notice that earth angels live in the present moment and they’re always working to bring positive changes in the lives of the people they’re close to.

4) Your Intuition Is Strong 🤔

Earth angels are not the most logical people on earth. Instead, they decide based on their intuition and emotions. They feel more deeply than others.

Earth angels connect more with things that resonate with their emotions such as music, art, etc. They let their intuition guide their lives.

They trust the voice inside of them and they trust the universe to help them out in their journey here on earth. Earth angels call on their spirit guides and angels for assistance.

5) You’re an Old Soul 👴🏻

People might have told you a lot of times that you’re too wise for your age. Also, the modern world doesn’t impress you. Instead, you would rather go in solitude to reflect and recharge your energies.

You also enjoy old music, movies, etc. Your friends have probably told you that you have so much wisdom to share.

6) People Always Come to You for Advice 👫

When people are in need, they go to you first. This is because they know you will listen to them. Also, being an empath, they know that you will do anything to help them out.

In fact, even complete strangers feel drawn to you because of your calming and comforting aura. They feel that they can trust you. And as for you, you love helping these people out. You find joy in being the person people seek for advice.

7) You Often Have Vivid Dreams 🛌

Most of the time, your dreams are intense and seem almost real. Also, you find yourself daydreaming frequently.

Your daydreams consist of magical or metaphysical things. You also dream about things from the past and the future.

8) You are Artistic 👩🏻‍🎨

You enjoy doing artsy stuff from painting to sculpting. Or you can also be musically-inclined. Whatever it is, you feel drawn to activities or hobbies that allow you to unleash your creative side.

You love to express yourself through art and you feel so content when you do. Earth angels love making beautiful things. They believe that the things that they create will allow them to help humanity and at the same time, spread positivity.

9) You Have a Youthful Aura 👶🏻

Earth angels tend to look much younger than they really are. In fact, some may even look as if they have full access to the fountain of youth.

They maintain their youthful look and vibe because they deal with stress differently. Earth angels handle negativities in their lives in a healthier way.

These are some of the signs that may mean you’re an earth angel.

If you are an angel, your presence is very much needed. Your role here on earth is very simple — it’s simply to use your gifts to help people and raise their vibrations.

You can also do something to confirm all of these — ask the universe for a sign. It will not disappoint you.