Angels exist among us. Some take human form. You may see an angel every single day and not even realize it. From the surface, he or she would look just like another other human being.

But there are a few signs that an angel is in your presence. These have to do with how you feel and how you react. An angel will have a special energy towards which you’ll be  attracted and you’ll not even know why. In this way, angels can guide us without messing with our free will. I mean, just imagine if an actual being of light would show in front of you. It would scare you and you would do whatever the angel asks of you.

Well, angels can not interfere with free will. This makes us, humans, special. A dog can not choose if he wants to do something or not. He reacts to whatever the environment throws him. But a human can and the divine presence will never interfere with this as it is up to us to pick our way through life.

So let’s go through the seven signs that tells you may have interacted or been in the presence of an angel. As with all divine guidance if you ask your heart you’ll be far more likely to recognize these signs when they appear. If you ask your brain, you’ll find excuses and justifications to everything, even to miracles in front of you.

Sign #1 – You have a change of heart.

You’ve been through a rough period in your life. You feel down or even depressed. You feel you’re sinking in a hole and that nobody can take you out. Then you meet someone. He may ask you for some directions or say hello. It is not what he says that’s important but how it makes you feel.

You’re snapped out of your state. You can’t help yourself but smiling. You feel like something is changing inside you, like this person’s presence is washing away all the pain and the darkness. This is one power angels have, to change how you feel dramatically through their presence.

Sign #2 – You awake a part of yourself.

It’s no secret that most people live their life in a state of being half asleep. Technology only made this worse. And just like everyone else, I go through this too. Sometimes I’m so “asleep” that a day or a week or even a month passes and I have no idea where it went.

Then you meet someone. And you feel alive. You turn on a switch. It’s like everything is more vibrant. You’re again at the moment. You feel the passing of time. You gain that rare sense that everyone seeks of “being in the now”.

It’s like a “I was blind but now I see” type of feeling.

Sign #3 – You “activate” your senses.

You meet someone. At random. And then, slowly, you feel different. Very different. You see a lot better. You see the small details in reality. You hear a lot clearer. It enhances your sense of smell and you can feel everything in the air, just as when you have a cold. Your touch too – you can feel the wind flowing over your skin or every single droplet of rain touching you. You feel the taste of the saliva in your mouth or a more intense taste of what you’re eating.

It’s like your senses are supercharged. You’ve never experienced something like that before.

Few people experience this but when they do, it’s a life changing experience. It’s like a superpower. Maybe not all your senses will activate at once but only one. You’ll experience reality in a very different way and when this is linked to one person, you’re likely in the presence of an angel.

Sign #4 – You’ll feel young again.

Feeling old has nothing to do with age. It is how you live. There are people in their 80s with childlike joy and people in their 30s feeling like they’re too tired to go on.

Then you come across someone and you feel you’re 20 again. You feel you could climb mountains and maybe you even try.

You have that vitality, physically, mentally, spiritually. When you’re around this person, you feel you could live forever. But is it a person or an angel? 🙂

Sign #5 – You feel like confessing.

We all have guilt.

And guilt is not healthy. God doesn’t want you to feel guilt because if he wanted, then he would have not made wrong choices. But there are and we’ll make them and we’ll feel like bad or evil people.

We live with this guilt. We don’t share this not even with our closest friends or family. But sometimes, we meet a stranger. And something inside us is compelling to tell it all. To reveal our darkest secrets. We know that this is a stranger and that he has no business knowing but you feel this. It’s like it’s being sucked out of you, like you have to tell him.

So you do. And he listens. He’s not judging. He gives you the gift of inner peace. And then you feel you’ve thrown away the bricks you were carrying.

Sign #6 – You heal, physically.

This comes in two forms.

An angel can heal you through their presence or guide you towards what you need to do. This means you can feel better in the presence of another being or you could overhear a suggestion that once you try it, will cure you of whatever you’re suffering.

Sign #7 – Acceptance.

Maybe this is the most important out of them all.

Sometimes we feel like who we are is not right. It’s not enough. It’s not good. And we live in conflict with ourselves.

Angels have the power to create circumstances, as long as they don’t interfere with free will. Some of these new circumstances are for you to reach acceptance. Maybe this is putting you on the path with someone that can love you as you are. Or meeting people who accepted themselves. So when you meet someone and then soon enough, you get example after example of why should you accept yourself, you’ve likely been in the presence of an angel.

Other signs can appear and they’ll usually be in the form of something you feel. You’ll never meet an angel in its light form but you’ll feel the love and warmth of an angel many times in life.

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So did you ever felt an angel? Leave your comment below.