Are you one of those people who have tried different manifestation methods but haven’t turned anything into reality?

You’ve given your time to do meditations, start your day with affirmations, scripting before bed, or even visualizations during the day.

And yet, you feel stuck, like nothing’s happening with your manifestations.

But let’s be honest, manifestation isn’t some magic spell that will come true once you think about what you want.

There are moments where you have to think if you’re actually ready to manifest.

What do I mean by this?

Well, you might have negative energies, past pains, and unresolved issues that are blocking you from manifesting the life you desire.

Yes, this can happen.

There are a lot of people out there who think that manifestations don’t work, but really, it’s just because they haven’t healed themselves totally.

Frequencies that Clear the Way for Manifestations

Maybe you’re wondering what I mean by frequencies so, let’s get to it.

Do you ever notice how certain sounds can make you feel better?

It could be music, nature sounds, white noise – anything!

And then, when you listen to it, you instantly feel its effect; your mood changes. You feel light and bright.

In fact, did you know that sound has the power to heal? This has been known since years ago, even centuries ago!

Shamans have long utilized music to put others into a trance-like condition before contemporary science even existed.

Healers used music and rituals to help their patients recover, and military commanders used sound to encourage and inspire their forces.

Sound has a tremendous impact on our lives. In reality, the vibration of sound, rather than the sound itself, is what has great power.

As a result of this vibration, we experience a range of emotions and achieve mental states.

Nowadays, there are sounds with a certain frequency that can clear the way for your manifestations.

It can either heal you, remove blockages, or allow you to manifest with ease.

Sound healing is a technique known to have a deep and profound effect on both our minds and bodies.

Once you listen to music with the right frequency, your life will welcome abundance naturally.

Through sound healing, you can free yourself from what holds you back and be able to manifest freely.

Manifest freely from the chains that bind you to your past.

Manifest freely from the shackles of limiting beliefs that led you to believe that you can never have what you desire.

Manifest freely from the cage of having a scarcity mindset.

All of these create negative energy that surrounds you and stops you from ever moving forward.

But, there is hope in sound healing.

Here are some frequencies you can try.

• 528Hz

This is the so-called Miracle Abundance Tone.

It lifts you up from your current state, preparing you for the ultimate transformation.

It is the frequency of the divine. It allows you to open yourself up to abundance.


This is the frequency that promotes healing.

It helps let go of the negative energies surrounding your manifestations. It dissolves energetic blockages that block you from connecting with your higher self and the divine.


This frequency acts as a repulse magnet that repels negativities, anger, and jealousy.

It allows you to instantly step into the most confident and magnetic true version of yourself.

These are only some of the amazing frequencies that exist and can help you manifest your desires into reality.

All these frequencies and more are available at Sound Healing Magic.

It’s a compilation of sounds that can wash away all the negativity that’s been holding you back in your life.

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Which of these frequencies are you excited to try?