A new moon is fast approaching and it’s one of the best times for manifestation.

It’s a time for you to get clear about the things that you want to create and manifest into your life. On the 28th of September, a new moon arrives and it will bring you the power to help you recharge and recalibrate your energy.

New moons are a representation of new beginnings — it is an invitation to start anew, set your intentions, and create a tone for the next cycle.

The Moon and You

It is known that the moon has an effect on our planet and on ourselves. The gravitational pull of the moon affects us as much as it affects water because humans are mostly made of water, too!

It is also the universe’s way of reminding us that we are not alone in our efforts. This is the time for you to imagine, to dream, and ponder on the things that you can use to transform your life into something much better.

Immerse yourself into your dreams and let the new moon work its magic. You’ll be surprised at how it can open up new avenues in your life that will create a better future — a future that you’ve always wanted.

When manifesting during the new moon, you have to really set meaningful intentions. The clean slate that the new moon provides brings a potent recipe that will help you create the vision of what you want most.

Do Some Cleansing

Before you do any type of ritual work, the first thing that you have to do is to cleanse your space. For the new moon, cleanse your front door or the door that you frequently use. While you’re doing the cleanse, have your intentions of new beginnings in mind and invite your desires into your space.

Set Up a Space To Meditate & Manifest

Where do you do your meditation at home? Spruce that up and make it sacred to make it the right spot to meditate and manifest what you want in your life. Use manifestation tools such as candles, crystals, etc.

A space that is sacred for your intentions and manifestation is crucial to inspire you and put you in the zone.

1. Meditate

For every manifestation, meditation is always crucial. Meditate for at least 5 minutes because this will let you relax and at the same time, let your desires flow from yourself. Before you meditate, set your intentions and let yourself be guided by the energies.

2. Write Down Your Intentions

Do this before the new moon. Think about the things that you want to come into your life. When you’re writing them down, you have to make sure that these are the intentions that you truly believe in.

Ask yourself these questions when thinking of intentions to set:

  • Do you deserve it?
  • Do you believe in it?

Invest some time writing down your intentions. You can also use your imagination and create a story around it. Let the pen and paper take you.

Writing down your intentions helps you visualize your intentions when it’s in the physical realm. You can also read these intentions every day even after the new moon.

3. Flow

There are no limits to your dreams — so, let it flow. Dream big and let yourself get carried away. Think in detail how you want your life to look and be super clear about everything that you want to manifest in your life.

Dive into the reasons why you want to transform your life or why you want to get what you’re asking for from the universe. Dream big and let your dreams flow. It will help you better set your intentions out there and the universe will not miss a beat.

4. On the night of the New Moon…

It’s time to read your intentions out loud to the universe. You can go outside and bask under the light of the new moon when you do this ritual.

It’s best to end your sentence with “this or more.” When you’re reading your intentions out loud, request the help of the new moon to help you bring what it is that you want into your life.

If you’re wondering what type of chant or prayer to use, you can simply make your own. Creating your own prayer for the new moon gives it a more personal feel thus, it gives you more reasons to believe in the power of your manifestation.

When you’re done with the ritual, simply sit quietly and feel the energy of the moon as it envelopes you. Visualize your intentions being sent to the new moon. Wait for that feeling fo satisfaction before you go back to your normal routine for the night.


5. Let Go Of Control

During the new moon, you don’t need to know how and when your intentions will come into your life. Remember, all you need to do is set your intentions out there and let the universe know it with the help of the energy of the new moon. Give up control.

What you need to know at this point is what you want. If you get too caught up in how and when things are going to happen, it can block your energies and it will hinder you from fully maximizing the energy of the new moon.

The path towards what you want is unexpected. The universe can surprise you, so let it. Trust in the universe and trust that what you want is coming to you. That’s all you need.