A lot of people are unaware that they have the gift of clairvoyance. Can you just imagine living your life without the knowledge that you possess this type of power? 🔌

The gift of clairvoyance is an extraordinary ability.

If you have been experiencing strange things happening to you that you always put aside, it’s time to bring them forward. Envelop these strange things in awareness and let the power of clairvoyance connect you to a higher spiritual level of being.

What Is Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance translates to “clear-seeing.” Being clairvoyant is considered a major psychic ability that lets you tap into the knowledge of your soul along with the souls of the universe. 🌌

Clairvoyants can receive intuitive information through images, visions, dreams, colors, and symbols. Chances are, you’ve already experienced the manifestation of clairvoyance in your life in some way without realizing it!

It’s possible that you shrugged off a “clairvoyant moment” and saw it as something else — perhaps, a wandering of the mind, wishful thinking, or your imagination.

This is pretty much a normal experience for clairvoyants who don’t know they’re clairvoyant… yet.

So, let’s get started and see the signs of being a clairvoyant.

Signs of Being a Clairvoyant

Keep in mind that the signs of clairvoyance don’t appear dramatically. It doesn’t really make itself known. Therefore, many clairvoyants are unaware that they’re one until they pay close attention to the signs.

1. Seeing Flashes of Light & Color ⚡️

5 Sure Signs That You’re a Clairvoyant

Unless you have a vision problem, flashes of light and color are usually a sign that the spirits are around you. It could be that a spirit is trying to get your attention to relay something important to you.

Flashes of light and color can be in the forms of floating orbs or colored dots in the space around you. In some instances, you might notice shadows floating in the air, while glittering or flashing lights are also indicative of the presence of spirits around you.

Don’t be afraid of the spirits around you, they’re there to guide you.

2. Getting Caught Daydreaming A LOT 😵

Do you often catch yourself caught up in your own thoughts? Do you often zone out and daydream several times a day? If you answer yes to these questions, then this can be a sign that you’re a clairvoyant.


A huge part of being clairvoyant is seeing and visualizing. And this is also why clairvoyants can see themselves in other situations while visualizations come naturally to them.

3. Experiencing Heightened Senses 👀👃🏼👄👂🏻🤚🏻

Heightened senses are present with clairvoyance. A powerful sign that you’re a clairvoyant is when you experience heightened senses. For example, if you feel someone will call you and then they do, that means your senses are so high that you could sense someone’s energy.

However, if this rarely happens to you, then you can call it a coincidence. On the other hand, if it happens often, then there’s a huge chance that your heightened senses are because of your clairvoyance.

4. Having Frequent Vivid Dreams 🛌

Do you frequently experience dreams that feel real to you? Such dreams are called vivid dreams, which means that they’re very bright with color and close to reality that you can easily identify which is which in your dream.

Since clairvoyants are visual people, this means that they have an extremely active sight even when they’re asleep. Therefore, if you’re a clairvoyant, you’ll likely experience vivid dreams and sometimes, they might be visions that tell a story to give you insights on what’s happening in your real life.

5. Seeing How Things Fit Together 🧩

5 Sure Signs That You’re a Clairvoyant

Some people may be at it, trying to solve something, but you already have it sorted out in your mind. Or, you already know how things will play out. If you’re great at puzzles and problem-solving, then this is another strong indicator that you’re a clairvoyant.

If you experience these signs, then you might be a clairvoyant. And there’s no need to panic. Remember, IT’S A GIFT! 🎁

Master the gift of clairvoyance by simply believing in what you can do. Don’t doubt your power of clairvoyance. Instead, believe in it and maximize it to your advantage.

Moreover, you can strengthen your third eye by honing abilities and gaining control over your clairvoyance as much as possible. When you do these, it will take away the fear and anxiety that plagues untrained clairvoyants.

Deliberately put into practice your abilities. For example, if you’re in a crowded place, try to see their auras. Close your eyes and visualize numbers, flowers, and other objects. When you see a spirit or an orb out of the corner of your eye, focus on seeing beyond it.

Spread light and love and embrace the gift of clairvoyance in your life. 💫