Meditation is very important for our overall wellbeing. It helps us calm and clears our minds, and most importantly, it pushes us to be more mindful.

If you’re ready to deepen your meditation practice, what better way to do it but by using crystals? Crystals can amplify the energy of our intentions. Adding a tool to deepen your practice will further enhance it.

So, how do you start meditating with crystals?

1. Cleanse Your Crystals

5 Steps To Meditate With Crystals

Crystals absorb negative energies from you and others. Before using them, it’s essential to clear them of any negative energies by doing a cleanse.

There are different ways to cleanse crystals, such as smudge cleanse where you use a smudge stick to cleanse the crystals. You can also leave the crystals under sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours to a week to cleanse them.

2. Choose A Crystal

Make the most out of your meditation practice by choosing a crystal that is aligned with your own natural energy. If you don’t know which one to use, lay down all your crystals in front of you. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for a few seconds. Open your eyes and choose the first crystal that you see.

You can also explore with quartz and selenite because of their strong energetic properties. Quartz may also amplify the energy of any other crystal that you choose, so it is a great idea to have this around along with other crystals.

Selenite, on the other hand, can help clear your mind and relax your body. You can also explore palm stones, especially if you’re only starting out with crystals. Palm stones fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, which makes it easier to hold while you’re meditating.

3. Hold the Crystals In Your Hands & Set Your Intentions

5 Steps To Meditate With Crystals

When you are ready to meditate, hold the crystal in the palm of your hand, and set your intention. What is the purpose of this meditation? Do you want to clear your mind? Or do you want to use meditation to focus on one thing to manifest in your life? Whatever it is, make sure to set clear intentions before you start the practice.

Setting your intentions will also set a direction for the crystal that you will use. With that, the crystal will be able to assist you in your practice.

4. Create a Crystal Grid

Another method to meditate with crystals is a crystal grid. You can create a crystal layout on your body during meditation to help you create a physical experience and address different layers of your energy while you meditate. Chakra healing is one of the most popular forms of crystal body layouts for meditation.

5. Follow the Crystal’s Energy

As you meditate, be aware of your crystal, especially when your thoughts start to wander. Visualize the energies that are flowing between you and the crystal.

Aside from holding the crystal, you can make a crystal grid (as mentioned above) where you lay down the crystal and place it somewhere on your body. You can even rest your feet on it. Whatever it is, having physical contact with the crystal while you meditate is crucial to your practice. Still, there are some people who will only have the crystal at arm’s length and use it as a point to focus on.

Keep in mind that crystals are not completely necessary to a successful meditation practice, but it’s a helpful tool to guide you.

The energies of meditation and crystals, when combined together, can take your spiritual wellbeing to a whole different level.