The magic of crystals is astonishing. Crystals have a huge impact on various aspects of our lives.

Now, as we prepare for 2020, it’s time to gather the right crystals to help us welcome the year right.

But before that, it’s vital to know the energies of 2020 first.
The Energy of 2020

2020 will bring in very potent cosmic energy because of the alignment of Pluto and Saturn in January. The alignment of these planets will set the tone for the whole year and we will have to learn how to harmonize our energies with these planets’ energies all-year-round.

The energies of the coming year are calling for us to ascend into higher levels of our consciousness. Our planet will shoot and rise as the energies of the new year draws closer.

Consider this an awakening process. However, expect to go through some darkness. One thing that you must remember this coming new year is that its energies are not about you going through the darkness to fix it, but instead, it’s calling you to learn how to rise above it.

The energies of the 2020 calls for us to raise ourselves so high.

Here are some crystals that can help you this 2020.

1) Celestite

Celestite crystal is known for its calming and soothing effects. It features a light blue appearance, however, sometimes it looks clear, light brown, or green.

This crystal is best used to open the heart chakra for divine guidance. Having this crystal around when you’re speaking with your angels can give you the emotional support that you need.

When worn, the celestite provides protection. Feelings of sadness can also be eliminated through this crystal’s energies.

If you’re not keen on wearing a crystal, you can place it by your nightstand for a peaceful sleep and good dreams.

2) Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian forms from volcano lava, hence, it’s best used to ward off negative energy. Its dark appearance helps clear the mind.

If worn, it wards off negativities. People who use this crystal enjoy mental clarity.

If life has been wearing you down lately, get black obsidian. It can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3) Citrine

Do you want more abundance in 2020? Then a citrine crystal is best to use!

Citrine has energies that promote abundance. The stone allows you to be more open to positive energy. With positive energy, you can manifest wealth in all forms.

The citrine crystal is perfect for business owners as well. If you’re planning to open a business next year, get yourself a citrine crystal as well. For a prosperous atmosphere at home, place it in your living room.

4) Rose Quartz

Improve your love relationships in 2020 with rose quartz. This is the universal stone of love.

This crystal is a reminder that love is everywhere. Rose quartz also promotes empathy and compassion.

5) Jasper

Jasper crystal is used for happiness and self-confidence. If you’re struggling for more optimism in your life, then this is the type of crystal that you have to get for the upcoming year.

This crystal stimulates positive vibrations that will raise your energies. It’s a great crystal to have for the new year!

Are you ready to welcome 2020? Come prepared with these crystals and you can expect a wonderful start of the year.

Cheers to a wonderful new year!