Do you rely on the Law of Attraction to give you a specific thing?

There’s nothing wrong with this, but are you doing it right?

Some people believe that LOA can give them certain things; but the reality is, it won’t.

Here are some things LOA can’t do for you that you need to be mindful of!

It Can’t Get You the Money

A common belief with LOA is that you can visualize money coming to you, and it will show up!

That’s a fantasy.

If you sit around all day visualizing to be rich, then how do you expect to get the money you need?

Many forget that even though visualization is an effective part of LOA, you should also pay attention to what starts happening in your life.

When you start to be mindful of the things that are happening in your life, you will start to take action to get what you want.

Remember: visualization will only help you to realize what it feels like to have a lot of money, but that’s it.

It Can’t Make People Take Actions You Want Them To

I have talked to many people who want to alter others’ actions or behaviors through the Law of Attraction. The thing is, your influence on what other people do isn’t up to you.

So, if you think LOA will help you make people do what you want them to, or behave how you want them to, then you’re completely wrong. This is because the LOA is about resonance—you will resonate with specific people and experiences, which means that they will show up in your life.

If you want people in your life to do certain things, then you need to focus on what will feel like when those things happen.

It Can’t Make Someone Love You

As much as you want someone to fall madly in love with you, the LOA can’t do that for you. Why?

Relationships take two. If you impose love onto someone else to love you, your vibrations will radiate lack, low self-esteem, loneliness, etc., and we all know this isn’t the way to do LOA.

So, if you want someone to love you, it is because you want to feel a specific way. It’s likely you’re looking for feelings of confidence, safety, passion, happiness, and many. To bring these feelings into your life, you need to focus on these feelings.

In turn, LOA will bring you opportunities that will allow you to feel those things. However, there is a chance that these opportunities will not be with the person who you want to love you.

It Can’t Attract What You Don’t Truly Want

There are several instances in our lives when we think we want something, but in reality, we don’t. This is when we keep using the power of manifestation and other things to make something come into our lives, but nothing seems to be working.

Think about it, as per James Arthur Ray, if you really wanted it, you would already have it!

If you lack love in your life or perhaps, you’re struggling with finances, this is because deep inside, you are attracting those things, even if you aren’t aware that you’re doing it.

LOA is conscious creation. That means you need to focus on the things you think you want because if you don’t, your subconscious will keep creating and recreating scenarios that have led to your present. Unless you focus consciously and passionately on life different than your present, you will not see any significant changes.

Knowing what LOA can’t do for you will help you use it in a more effective way—something that will truly work.

LOA is not a magic wand. It requires necessary and the right actions for it to work in your life.

Your first step?

Believe you can improve your life.

And take it from there.