If you’re curious about magic and you want to do it, then there’s no better way to start but through spells.

Spellcasting can help you better to get what you want. It’s a great way to manifest your desires into your life.

If you haven’t tried casting a spell, then this is probably the time for you to do now.

You don’t have to be born psychic to be able to use spells in manifesting. And you don’t have to be a witch to do so. You can conjure magic into your life with the use of some spells.

Here, I’ll take you through some of the best magic spells that can help you manifest wealth, love, luck, and protection in your life.

Let’s begin!

Wealth Spell

Are you running low on cash? Do you need that raise that you deserve now? Do you want more opportunities to gain money?

If that’s so, then you need to cast a spell to attract wealth in your life.

It’s a simple spell that you can do while you do the ritual.

The spell: “I have all the money I could ever need. I am wealthy.”

The ritual: This spell needs you to have 1 green candle ready, a peppermint incense, cinnamon powder, and money. You can use coins as well.

It’s best to cast this spell during a full moon. So, you might want to check your calendar before you do this.

Sit on the floor and surround yourself with the money. Inside the circle, light the candle and the incense. Now, imagine yourself having all the money that you need and meditate on it. It doesn’t matter how long this is going to take. When you’re fully into your manifestation, sprinkle cinnamon powder over the money that surrounds you while you cast the spell.

Once you’re done, gather the money counterclockwise. Let the incense and candle burn all the way through. Keep the money in a bag as a lucky charm or you can spend it.

Love Spell

Do you want to attract more love in your life? Or do you want to make your existing love relationship better? Maybe you want an old flame back?

Let this spell do the work for you.

This spell is best combined with an affirmation.

The spell: “I program this mirror to reflect back positive energy. I program this mirror with these affirmations (say your affirmations). So be it.”

The ritual: You can use just about any mirror for this ritual. And to give it a more personal feel, you can decorate your mirror with crystals, flowers, etc.

Before you use the mirror, cleanse it first. You can use white vinegar and sage to do so. Next, you need to empower the mirror by writing down your affirmation/s on it.

What you should do here is to stand in front of your mirror every day while you say the spell and the affirmation. Make sure that you look directly into your eyes when you do this. You should fully connect with yourself.

Luck Spell

Are you in need of more luck in your life? If yes, then here’s a simple spell and ritual that you can do.

The spell: “Wondering magic bring to me, in this life the luck I need, so all my angles can be seen, and thus fulfill my every dream. Combined earth and fire, bring forth my heart’s desire, guardians of the sea, keep all harm from me.”

The ritual: Take out some playing cards and get the four aces from the deck. Cover the cards with breadcrumbs and sugar. Add seven coins. Add seven charms that represent what you want. Place a silver candle on top of all of these and burn. Chant the spell while you do this.

Protection Spell

Do you have enemies? Do you want to protect yourself and your energies from negative people? If so, then this protection spell is exactly what you need.

The spell: “God and goddesses, hear my plea. Protect this (name) for whom I please. So mote it be!”

The ritual: Get four 3 white candles and 1 green candle and your charm. Place the white candles in a triangle in front of you and have the green candle in the center. Light them up and bask your charm in the candlelight.

Cast the spell. Once you’re done, blow out the candles and let the charm absorb the smoke by simply circling it around and through the smoke.

These are some of the easy magic spells that you can do on your own. Keep in mind that this is not a one-time thing. If you want to get better at casting spells for your manifestation, then you should practice it.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you’re casting spells, you have to keep your mind really focused on the purpose of your spell. Do this by removing all unnecessary thoughts and feelings that can hinder the free flow of energy.

Also, do remember to smile when you’re casting the spell. Smiling elevates your mood thus, this raises your vibration. When you have a high vibration, it sends a signal to the universe that you’re doing well and it removes fear. It also brings a sense of calmness that allows you to connect better with the energies of the cosmos.

Identify the source of power which you feel you can draw energy from. This could simply be crystals, flowers, soils, photos, etc.

When casting spells, you have to feel very powerful. Let your intuition guide you when choosing an item of power that can help empower your spells. When you’re surrounded by things that are special to you, it will make you feel special.

So, are you ready to cast some spells?

Of course, you do.