The Summer Solstice is soon upon us! 

And what a power day, full of high energetic vibrations.

I always use this time to reflect on how ancient celebrations have been held over the centuries as people from all cultures,

all over the world have recognized the solstice as a time of renewal, abundance, manifestation and connection. 

The solstice occurs when one of the Earth’s poles has its maximum tilt towards the sun.

It happens once a year when the amount of daylight we have reaches its peak.

From the 21st of June onwards, the days will get shorter again incrementally until the winter solstice. 

For me, it has always represented a personal time of shifting, just as the seasons shift,

and I look ahead to the second half of the year. 

Just as ancient societies from Stonehenge to Egypt, Mexico and beyond built structures to align with the solstice

and held ceremonies to appreciate and honor the sun and it’s energy, we too can construct our own,

contemporary rituals to do the same. 

The Winter Solstice in December is ideal for deep introspection and soul searching,

but the Summer Solstice is all about expansion and creating. 

Here are some of my favorite sacred and beautiful rituals: 

1. Intention Setting with Crystals 

The summer solstice is an ideal time to set goals and intentions.

With such fertile energy around, it’s the perfect time to plan and visualize your goals and dreams.

Use the energy of the longest day together with the sunlight

to charge your intentions with positivity and motivation. 

First, review your goals: 

What are the things that you want to expand in your life?

What habits do you wish to change?

What do you want to magnetize? 

Now, choose a crystal that represents the qualities of the sun: passion, creativity, fertility, and abundance. 

Orange and yellow crystals such as Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Ruby or Sunstone are perfect,

Place your chosen crystal over your heart chakra, or just at your third eye chakra. 

Silently whisper your intention for the second half of the year.

What kind of energy do you want to embody going forward?  

Make a statement that resonates with you

and that you can return to again and again for the final six months of the year. 

2. Create a Prayer Tree 

I always feel like the Solstice is a powerful time to appreciate,

celebrate and express gratitude to the long days of sunlight and to Mother Nature. 

A fun way to express this yourself is with a Prayer Tree or a Prayer Stick. 

Trees are very symbolic and sacred in many cultures,

providing food and shelter for animals and humans.

You can use a fallen branch or stick,

or use a branch that you can easily access on a tree that is meaningful to you. 

Simply write down your specific intentions and wishes on pieces of paper

and tie them to the branch or stick with ribbon, or string.

As the wishes dangle from the branch or stick,

they will catch the sunlight and be infused with the positive energy vibrations of the Solstice. 

3. Watch the Sun Rise and Set 

This is such a simple,

sacred ritual but it’s so special and also so good for your physical and energy body. 

Simply get up early and greet the sunrise.

As you sip your morning beverage, give thanks for a new day,

or do some yoga sun salutations to enhance your connection to the sunlight and feel its magic. 

In the evening, sits outside as you watch the sun sink below the horizon.

Use this time to breathe mindfully, meditate and appreciate the wonderful display in the sky

of all that is abundant, magnificent and life giving. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Sometimes the most powerful rituals of all don’t involve props and words and magic spells.

They simply require your quiet, thoughtful presence

and the ability to be still and appreciate the moment. 

Whatever rituals you choose to follow during this time,

be sure to create space energetically to receive the energies of abundance, compassion, prosperity, and love. 

It’s a beautiful time to feel a sense of unity with the planet and to honor the individual journey of your own soul.

Shine your own light out to the world and be the radiant force you were born to be.

Have a fantastic Summer Solstice!