Every day we are bombarded with expectations from society about how we should look, feel and be. We are surrounded by images of what we should be earning, wearing, doing, and saying. There’s no wonder that we measure our value in them and forget to check in with our inner compass–the part of ourselves that knows who we are and why we are here.

The best way to develop faith in yourself and the Universe is to develop a stronger relationship with your inner guidance. Your soul is continually calling you towards your true purpose, and answering it is not a one-time thing. It is a perpetual journey made up of numerous actions that you take as you move along in the direction of your higher calling.

When you tune into your soul, you develop a greater sense of trust and faith in yourself and the Universe. Building that connection to yourself is vital to manifest and live in abundance.

Listening to your soul is what guides you to be in the right place at the right time, it’s what magnetizes your desires towards you. Your soul cannot get it wrong! That’s why it’s so important to learn how to listen to and connect to your inner self so that you can develop faith and surrender your desires to the Universe with 100% knowledge that they will be manifested.

So how do you build that connection to your inner guidance?

Meditation is my number one tip to anyone who wants to learn how to tap into their true selves and connect with all that is. Truly, it is the best way to connect with your inner self! Mediation in its purest form is available to all of us, and all we have to do is quiet our minds and tune into that stillness within.

Aside from meditation, I’ve put together some of my favorite ways to boost faith in myself and the Universe. Enjoy these exercises:

1. Write a letter to yourself

3 Powerful Ways To Develop Faith In Yourself and The Universe

I challenge you to write a letter to yourself. Write all about why you admire yourself. Write about your most significant achievements, what you are good at, and what makes you proud. It may be uncomfortable for you to do this, but remember that discomfort, in this case, is a sign of growth. It is a form of self-love and self-appreciation.
Once you have written this letter, read it aloud. Listen to it every day for 21 days or more. It is said that 21 days is what makes a habit stick. So give yourself that challenge! Imagine how powerful it is to hear your voice reading about the beautiful things about yourself.

2. Be held by the Earth

3 Powerful Ways To Develop Faith In Yourself and The Universe

Practice developing your connection with Mother Earth and increasing your faith in the power of the Universe by letting the earth physically hold yourself. Go outside or to a park, field, the beach, anywhere you can get to in nature. Lie down and let yourself relax as you sink your body into the ground. Let the earth cradle you like a child, feel its warmth, the power of its vibration. Feel the gentle force of nature as it supports you now and always. As you lie there, reflect on how the Universe has your back. It supports you, it nurtures and nourishes you.
Do this regularly, as many times a week to increase your connection and raise your vibrational frequency.

3. Find your Soul’s Voice

3 Powerful Ways To Develop Faith In Yourself and The Universe

Each of us has a truth inside us that wants to be set free, expressed, and allowed to lead us. That truth is the voice of your soul. Practice expressing that voice whenever you can, allowing yourself to access deep parts of yourself that only you know to exist. You can practice finding your soul’s true voice through creative pursuits such as writing, painting, dancing or music.

Find a way to access that voice by really letting yourself express who you are. Let your inhibitions go. Do not be afraid of competition, judgement or validation. This is your private practice, and nobody has to see your results. You are the only one who can know if you are expressing from that deep place of wisdom within you. So let yourself truly be free. Splash colors on canvas, make crazy sounds with your guitar, dance fast and frenetic or slow and sensual, write everything you are too afraid to say, cook up some crazy tasting recipes, whatever it takes for you to feel that you are tapping into a true, essential piece of yourself.

The best thing you can do for yourself and others is to connect to your true inner spirit. When you know who you are, anything is possible. The world needs you whole and authentic. The world needs you to be you. When you find who you really are, you will shine your light so brightly into the world, and all things will fall into place because you will have that deep knowing. You will develop a real sense of trust, faith, and belief in the power of the Universe and everything you dream of will manifest as you enjoy the journey of your life.