Do you believe in angels?

I do. I believe my guardian angel is keeping me safe. Life proved me many times this is true. I’ve received signs that saved me from some terrible things and I’ve received signs that told me I’m on the right path.

Angels though don’t talk to us. They only give us signs. One of these signs are angel numbers. When you see patterns again and again, like 333, it is a sign from angels or from your guardian angel.

Angels also talk for us through angel cards. These are like tarot but far more positive and simple to use.

This is not all though.

While you may not know it, angels do give physical signs for their presence in our world. These signs are not direct but if you see enough of them or you see them together, then an angel is visiting you.

What are these signs?

Well, let me tell you.

Sign #1 – You’ve found a white feather.

While angels are not the beings shown in movies and in cartoons, feathers are still angelic signs. This is because feathers represent purity and lightness, two characteristics of angel beings.

So when you find a white feather, take it as a message of reassurance or even of encouragement. It’s your angel telling you’ve got this, that you should keep walking on this path and even if it is hard, you’re not alone and you’ll succeed.

If you find a white feather in a period of self doubt when you don’t know if you will make it, take it as a sign to give it one more try.

Sign #2 – Finding coins, everywhere.

Finding a coin is no big deal. It happens all the time. But finding coins again and again, in unusual places are a sign from the angels. It means they’re here to love you, to support you. I’ve found it common to find coins when I feel very lonely in my life, when there’s nobody there for me.

And I’ve almost found none when I was surrounded by people who love and care about me. While angels are there for you all the time, they’ll send you these signs when you need them most, which makes these events even more important.

Other times coins mean something through their own nature. They’re like a hint to what you’re supposed to do next. It can be the type of coin or some marking on it that guides you. For example, at some point in my life I faced a choice.

I could compromise on my integrity and earn a large sum of money or I could say no. The same day I’ve found a stack of new, shiny coins as I exited my apartment building. On the coin there was a famous person that is known for never compromising his integrity. I said no to the proposal, and it was the right thing to do.

Sign #3 – Flashes of light.

You can find flashes of light everywhere, but sometimes you see unusual light. It’s hard to explain but it can be sparkles in the corner of your eyes or flashes where they don’t belong or even like the rays of the sun in the dusk or in the early morning, before the sun came up.

Or you may see strange orbs you can’t explain. Most often than not, these are the signs of the angels.

Sign #4 – Rainbows

Rainbows are beautiful things and you should admire them often but a rainbow on the sky when it did NOT rain is a sign of divine presence.

Rainbows bring hope and encouragement, a way of the universe for us to know if we last in there longer, we’ll get to the end, to the promised land. Remember when rainbows appear…

… they appear after storms, after rain, after bad weather. It’s the universe telling us – even if it is seems very hard now, even if you’re going through this storm, if you keep moving forward, you’ll reach your rainbow.

Sign #5 – Direct messages

Angels may not talk to you but may place signs with text in your path. It’s like when you are upset, you walk into a library and the first book you see contains the answer you seek. Or you drive on the freeway and a banner contains a message that talks to your soul. The chance for this to happen at random is slim to none when this happens many times in a row.

A special mention here I must make for the angel signs, the angel numbers, patterns that if they repeat themselves, are a sure sign from the divine beings.

Sign #6 – Tingling sensations, goosebumps and chills.

The presence of a divine being causes physical reactions you can’t explain. There are many forms these are present – some unique to you. But you’ll know it if you feel it.

This can also be a sign from your angel you should pay attention to what happens next, drawing your attention from whatever you were doing beforehand.

Sign #7 – The feeling of being touched.

This is very subtle but if you are very aware of your body, you can feel it. It works like a soft brush across your arm or neck. You may also feel you’re being hugged.

This is the angel’s way of showing you love and if this happens to you, you won’t miss it. It’s impossible to miss this sensation.

Signs #8 – Symbols in the clouds.

Flowers, hearts, shapes, even cartoon characters may appear in the clouds. Many times, these are symbols from the angels, messages of love to you. Angels don’t limit themselves to clouds but they interact with nature. You may see snow shaped in a certain way or leaves or even bath-foam.

Sign #9 – Scents.

If you feel a pleasant, nice scent in the room and you can’t trace it back to someone, then you’re likely visited by an angel. It’s also said if you feel the perfume or aftershave of someone who died, someone you loved, then he’s together with your guardian angel. This is an occurrence that happens often to people who lost a loved one.

Sign #10 – Serendipity

Serendipity is when something is so synchronized that it seemed plan. Some people believe it’s randomness. I don’t. I don’t believe there is randomness in the universe and instead, everything follows a plan.

An example of serendipity is how a few months ago, I was looking for a publisher for my new book. Then at a party, I bumped into a person and spilled coffee all over her dress. After apologizing 49 times (or more), we started a conversation and discovered that she published my mentor and guru. Now, she is publishing me too.

Angel signs are subtle. You need to look at them in context. Finding coins may mean nothing or may mean everything. It comes down to the circumstances of the sign – which will tell you if it means nothing or if it means everything.