We’ve all heard it — Mercury retrograde sucks.

Most people dread it and many are scared of it. But actually, you can manifest during this period.

In Astrology, the planet Mercury is associated with information, communication, travel, clear thinking, and electronics.

So, when the planet is in retrograde, you may experience a slowdown 🐢 in these areas. Challenges arise. As they say, it’s too tempting to fall back into old habits. It’s also the time when communication goes haywire which leads to misunderstandings.

You’ll find things break, delayed travel plans, losing things, breakups, and schedules going haywire. You may also find yourself easily frustrated.

Although Mercury Retrograde may feel like it’s a “shake-up,” it also brings a lot of opportunities.

But you’ll have a change of heart (and mind!) when you manifest during this time. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how much excitement this can bring to your life.
Sooner or later, you’ll notice your feeling of dread towards the Mercury retrograde will slowly dissolve and next thing you know, you’ll embrace it with open arms.

Why Manifesting During Mercury Retrograde Is a Good Idea

Before we discuss the HOW, let’s discuss first why manifesting during this time is a good thing to do.

It Slows You Down

When you plan to manifest, all you can think about is to get it going. And yes, it’s so easy to get caught up in it and rush through. But we all know that nothing really good comes out of anything rushed, right?

And that’s exactly what’s good about manifesting during a Mercury retrograde. It forces you to slow down. It’s simply because the cosmic forces actually slow things down for you.

When you slow down, you become more self-aware and when you’re in this state, you can concentrate on what’s already present in your life. With this, you improve yourself and you’ll be able to manifest better because you are more aware.

It Exposes All Negative Triggers

As I mentioned, Mercury retrograde brings out triggers that will make you doubt yourself. It brings in challenging times. It lets the curtain drop to the floor; revealing to you triggers that will make you feel bad, among other things.

Manifesting during this period means that you’ve seen all these triggers. And that’s actually a good thing. You already know these triggers and you’re aware of them. When you’re aware of them, you’ll be able to come up with ways to work your way around them in a healthier way.

In fact, it will even bring you more courage to charge head-on and that courage is crucial in manifestation. You know you need it. And with all these triggers exposed, you just got yourself a ticket to manifestation success.

It Pushes You To Take Big Leaps

Mercury retrograde can send you down to rock bottom. When you’re about to be pushed off a cliff by the challenges this time brings, it makes you think about taking that huge leap. Do you jump or not?

During this time, the Universe taps into your subconscious mind to see if you know how to find your self-worth amidst the challenges. Yes, it’s a scary time but when you get through it, you know you’ve achieved a major milestone in your life towards significant growth.

How To Manifest During Mercury Retrograde

Now that you know these reasons why you Mercury retrograde is a great time for manifestation, it’s time that we discuss the HOW.

The Law of Attraction

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this “law” and a lot of us are working with it. When you’re practicing this, it could get pretty overwhelming because of the thousands of ways to do it.

But let me tell you something, you can still apply this (regardless of the strategy that you know) during the Mercury retrograde.

To simply put it, the concept of the law of attraction is by focusing on the things that we want to happen in our lives. Eventually, it will, when we focus on it every single day.

And when the law of attraction was introduced, it didn’t come with a disclaimer that you can only use it during certain times of the year.

With all of the reasons I’ve listed above, it just makes more sense to practice the law of attraction.

Timing Is Everything 🕐

It’s not easy to stay positive the whole day, we’re human after all.In order to manifest during a challenging period, you have to be positive.

That’s why you need to pick the perfect timing for you. It could be as simple as setting a certain time of the day when you feel the most positive. I’m thinking that this could be in the early morning.

Or you can also watch closely the moon cycle 🌝. The cycle of the moon will show you the perfect time to attract things in your life and when to let it go. Keep in mind that the law of manifestation is based on the law of magnetism.

The moon has powerful magnetic forces in the world. So, if you want to manifest things in your life, I suggest that you do it in the first quarter and second quarter of the moon that leads up to the Full Moon.

After that, you can use the power of the moon to let go of the things that you don’t want anymore.

Just Simply Ask

… and when you ask, be as specific as possible. When you send your intentions out to the Universe during Mercury retrograde, don’t forget to simply ask for what you want in your life and work your way from there.

Now that you have the law of attraction and the moon cycles sorted out, JUST.SIMPLY.ASK.

Always remember, what you ask, you shall receive. Just believe that it will come to you and it will.

Here’s the thing, when you believe something, it’s bound to come true. And during Mercury Retrograde when emotions are running high (or worse, all over the place), it’s the perfect time to re-focus and re-think.

As I said, it slows you down, which makes it the perfect time to reflect. When you finish with that reflection, then you have a clearer head to manifest what you truly want out of your life and that is valuable.

Don’t let Mercury retrograde superstitions get in the way. You can manifest great things into your life despite this period. Your life shouldn’t be on-hold just because the planet is in retrograde. Use this time wisely to make better decisions.

If you really want something to happen in your life, nothing should stop you. Treat Mercury retrograde as an advantage that will catapult you forward to greater heights.

Always remember that the Universe wants you to succeed. You have everything that you need only if you look properly. Open your eyes and use this time to see everything that you need to see. Stop imagining the worst and next thing you know, you’ll notice improvements in your life.

Think of it this way, if you dread Mercury retrograde, it will just make things worse for you and there’s the fact that you’re already dreading it, then you might as well let it be and just focus on the positive things.

You’ve already thought about all the possible bad stuff that might happen, right? And there’s nothing left to think about now. So, move on, and just be optimistic and start manifesting!